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6 disadvantages of Lana's one night in Milwaukee storyline

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03 Oct 2018, 12:00 IST

#4 WWE

Vince McMahon, WWE,
Did Vince McMahon approve this storyline?

Is WWE really going to get away with this?

One would think that in the era of the women's revolution and the #metoo movement, something like this wouldn't happen, but WWE is actually trying to do a porn tape storyline. At least that's what English seems to be alluding to during his segments about the tape. It's a pretty low bar for a company that is supposed to be pro women.

Not only that, the company is on the cusps of their first ever women's only pay per view, which is going to make them look worse in the public's eye. If nothing else, WWE needs to abandon this storyline as soon as possible, or risk the consequences of being thought of as hypocrites for doing this with a female superstar.

In the end, its understandable that fans would want to see a more attitude era type product in WWE, but it doesn't need to be at the expense of a female superstar that has already been paraded around as promiscuous. It's insulting to Lana, Rusev, and the viewing audience for WWE to do this, and they need to realise it.

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