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6 most outrageous Vince McMahon moments in the WWE

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Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Chairman of WWE

It's likely a secret to no one here that the majority owner and CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon, might be a tad bit crazy. Credit where credit is due, he is absolutely the king of professional wrestling and is up there in terms of the smartest businessmen alive today.

His achievements cannot be understated, but when you line them up with some of the things he's done over the years, you may start to question some of his ideas.

After all, this is the man who suggested an incest angle between himself and his daughter, as well as using the 'N' word while walking past Booker T on PPV...and those didn't even make the list! The man knows no limits; if he sees money in an idea, he will push for that idea.

Luckily for him, he doesn't have to push too hard either, as many of his wildest fantasies have found their way onto our TV screens. Let's go over 7 of the times Vince McMahon may or may not have lost his mind in the WWE.

#6 Feuding against Donald Trump

Donald Trump & VInce McMahon Make WWE History
Donald Trump and Vince McMahon, finally on the same page

Don't let the picture fool you, these two have not always been on good terms. Over a decade ago, Donald Trump and Vince McMahon had a feud that led into WrestleMania. McMahon really is the boss, he's gone into WrestleMania facing Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, his own son, and even an eventual President of the United States.

Stemming from a request Trump made to fight Vince himself at WrestleMania 23, the pair instead decided to pick representatives and let them fight for the honor of each billionaire.

Bobby Lashley sided with Trump, while Umaga stood proudly for Big Vinnie. Considering both men had way too much power in life for a loss to really mean anything, they agreed to put something on the line that each man took great pride in and would have suffered massively to lose; their hair.

This didn't work out too kindly for Vinnie Mac, as Lashley ended up besting Umaga and winning the match. This led to Donald Trump, Bobby Lashley, and Steve Austin holding down the chairman of the WWE and forcefully shaving him bald... it was a sight to see.

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