6 NXT stars who will end up in the Hall of Fame

NXT's talent is growing at a rate that could overtake the quality of the main roster
NXT's talent is growing at a rate that could overtake the quality of the main roster
Ross Harvey

Triple H and the backroom staff at NXT will be more than pleased with the upward trajectory of NXT and its associated Superstars. The level of quality in the performances often outclasses the main roster, but the tide may start to change as those who ply their trade in the black and yellow ring gradually move on to the red or blue.

But who out of the current NXT roster can take their talent to the next level? Could they one day find themselves surrounded by the timeless greats and legends in the honourable Hall of Fame? Looking as much as 6 months ago, the list could be easier to write, as top-level performers have instantly made an impact on the main shows.

Wrestlers such as Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura and even the recently NXT departed Asuka seem to be well positioned for successful and memorable moments, which may afford them that gold ring later in their life. As a new era begins in NXT, It is time to predict the Superstars that will one day reach the top of the pile and grace the WWE Hall of Fame.

#1 Aleister Black

Aleister Black manages to emit an aura only outmatched by the Deadman

A great signing by the WWE sees a newly named Aleister Black rising above the talent with a head-banging metal tune to boot. Not only that, Black also shows his impressive talents in the ring by using his boot to bang some heads!

Aleister Black is gradually making his way to the main event of NXT, much, in the same manner, Nakamura blazed his way to the top. Black will only find success in the WWE, as his unique look and technique will catapult him to the top. With the Undertaker supposedly retired, could we potentially expect Black to fill that void?

#2 Authors of Pain

Paul Ellering could be the glue that binds and holds this story together.

For a good few years now, the tag team division of WWE has had its continual ups and downs. It has the added issue of risk as two wrestlers, instead of one, need to perform and remain injury-free for the mutual interests of the team.

Luckily for the WWE, reserves stocks are built up as NXT’s potential tag teams are talented and raring to go, none more so than the 23-year-old Rezar and 24-year-old Akam, the two members of the Authors of Pain.

With a Hall of Famer in the mix in the form of manager Paul Ellering, we could see the two behemoths overtaking most of the current main roster tag teams to become a force to be reckoned with.

#3 Eric Young/Sanity

Dain, Wolfe, Cross, and Young prove Sanity is not a bad thing to have

It could be said that the psychotic Eric Young will blaze a path through the WWE, and on his own could quite plausibly be seen amongst the chosen few. But it is probably more likely that we will see the stable of Sanity leave with 4 rings. Much like the Four Horsemen, this could be seen as a stable to rival The Nexus or, dare I say it, even The Shield.

The quality that the foursome have in the ring, and the quite fanatical gimmick on the show, is only going to leave a lasting impression on WWE fans, and if booked right, they could leave an indelible mark on the entirety of the WWE.

#4 Kairi Sane

Kairi marched her way to the throne of the Mae Young Classic

We all know Asuka will most likely make the Hall of Fame, but could it also seem a strong possibility that Kairi Sane will have an equal impact on the WWE Universe? We're perhaps a little disappointed that Asuka and Sane didn’t meet for the NXT women’s title, but could we see them battle it out for a grander prize on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

Kairi Sane is an instant hit with the fans, and her in-ring ability shines out particularly well for such a small athlete. Her pirate persona and killer diving elbow alone are enough for Sane to amass a following that will see her march into the Hall of Fame.

#5 Adam Cole

Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly are fast becoming the Main event.

Adam Cole is a new face to the WWE, but not a new figure in the landscape of wrestling. Already he has chiselled out an impressive career and perhaps was one of the most popular wrestlers outside of the WWE before joining. From his time in Ring of Honor to NJPW and his period on the expanded independent scene, Cole had the chance to develop his reputation before joining the WWE.

WWE have cashed in big with the arrival of some big signings, and NXT watchers will only look on in delight as Adam Cole has allied himself with the familiar duo of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Although Adam’s time has only begun in the WWE, you can sense big things for ‘The One’.

#6 Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is on a path to reclaim his destiny

Who would dare predict that one member of the three-man band would make it into the Hall of fame? If you said two would, I would assume insanity. But now it seems all too likely, with Jinder Mahal turning heads on SmackDown and Drew McIntyre revitalising his image in NXT.

Even with the Scotsman's first promising but, ultimately, disappointing run in the WWE, you could argue that alone would suffice to get him the coveted prize. With a run as the Intercontinental champion and the brandishing of the tag ‘the Chosen One’, it has already set the stage for him as he sets out to retain his once promised glory.

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