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6 Of The Funniest Ribs Of All Time

Thomas Lowson
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In pro-wrestling, a rib is a practical joke, done between wrestlers or backstage talent, to keep things light on the road. Like all pranks, there's good ribs and bad ribs, and then there are great ribs.

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Today, we look at six of the funniest ribs in all of professional wrestling. From sandwiches to tasers and everything in between. Who pulled them off, and which unfortunate souls were on the receiving end.

The Hitman out-ribs the master

Davey Boy Smith (far left) with Owen (center left), Bret (center right) and Jim Neidhart, in 1997.

If you ask any wrestler from the 90s, they'll tell you that the master of ribs has to be 'the Rocket' Owen Hart. There are plenty of stories of ribs from Owen (but we'll get to those later), that it's almost impossible to think of the master of the rib being on the receiving end.

But thanks to the teamwork of Bret 'Hitman' Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Owen got a taste of his own medicine.

According to the Hitman, the story goes that the three were boarding a plane together when an official from the airline offered Bret and Davey Boy free first-class upgrades but wasn't aware who Owen was, as he was new to the WWF.

After a lot of grumbling, the three boarded, with Owen being stuck in standard class. Seeing a golden opportunity, Bret asked a member of staff to ask Owen to come forward, describing him as a big fan, not a wrestler.

Owen was grateful of course, at least until 30 minutes later, when Davey asked the cabin crew member to return the 'fan' to his seat, enraging the Rocket.


The Mabel, no, not that one

Larry Z
Larry Zybysko as AWA World Champion

Not to be confused with the wrestler of the same name, the Mabel was a continuing rib in the AWA, with the aim of hazing new talent.

According to stories, the new wrestler would be told after a show that a very attractive female fan was interested them, and wanted to take him back to her house. Once there, the wrestler would be told to get comfortable, as the female fan (calling herself Mabel), would disappear to get undressed.

This would be when one of the veteran wrestlers would bang the door, pretending to be Mabel's husband, rant about her cheating, and threaten to shoot the young wrestler.

You can only imagine the image of a young man, barely dressed, diving out of a motel window to safety.

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