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6 reasons why Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury should take place at Survivor Series rather than Crown Jewel

  • WWE could hit gold if they schedule this match for the correct pay-per-view. #WWE #CrownJewel
Ali Akber
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:42 IST

#5 A familiar crowd, bigger hype

Fury is one of the biggest attractions in the boxing world
Fury is one of the biggest attractions in the boxing world

Let's get one thing straight - Strowman is one of the faces of the company at the moment whose images have made it to many of the company’s promotional material and posters, while Fury is in a league of his own and one of the most well-known boxers in the world.

This requires WWE to give them a grand stage to perform in, which Saudi Arabia is very well capable of providing. However, do the crowds know Strowman and Fury as the crowds in Illinois do?

Having the match between the two men at a venue where they will have fans cheering from both sides will make things even grander. Just like WWE had Bray Wyatt appear on some shows before his grand Hell in a Cell clash with Seth Rollins, the company could cash in on some appearances from both Strowman and Fury.

Fury is well known for his attention-grabbing tricks during his boxing career which made him make the headlines more often than not and sent him trending all over the internet.

With many late-night shows open to having athletes and celebrities appear, WWE could use such mediums to build the hype as much as possible and create as much social media hype as possible for the next month or so.

Published 09 Oct 2019, 15:30 IST
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