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6 secrets WWE Superstars never told us

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One succeeded with a made-up name, the other doesn't know his real name.
One succeeded with a made-up name, the other doesn't know his real name.


The WWE superstars seem to have it all inside the ring. They brave every single bruise and injury to compete like real life superheroes and endure a great amount of pain to entertain the fans.

WWE superstars even take extraordinary bumps and look for spots which can make the matches even more memorable, even if it risks their career and future.

Finding out about the past and the present of our favorite superstars has been one of our favorite activities as kids and adults, and even today we look for many crazy facts which would make us feel closer to our on-screen heroes.

But how much do we know about what they are behind the characters and lives they portray on screen? Here are some insanely surprising and crazy facts that you MUST know about your favorite superstars. #1 is surely going to leave you in shock!

#6 Nikki Bella almost made it to pro-football!


Sports is in her blood
Sports is in her blood

Even though Nikki has improved significantly as an in-ring performer over the last two years, fans often insult The Bella twins because they think it's a part of WWE's infamous drive to recruit pretty faces instead of real talent.

However, Nikki Bella has always been extremely competitive and talented and is definitely not just a pretty face.


She was in the women’s soccer team at college which won the Pacific Conference Championship, and was about to join an Italian pro soccer league when Brie convinced her to join WWE as she thought that would make a bigger impact together on Total Divas as twin sisters.

“I was being recruited by a professional league in Italy,” she said, when Brie intervened, convincing her they should audition to be WWE Divas instead.

Nikki is now a two-time WWE Divas Champion which shows that the athletic performer has done a lot of work as a sports entertainer and left a mark on the WWE and the fans.

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