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6 WWE Superstars That Need To Turn Face in 2019

Shakil Ahmed
15 Jan 2019, 00:22 IST

#5 Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin could benefit from a change of alignment.
Benjamin could benefit from a change of alignment.

Ever since Benjamin made his return to Smackdown Live, we've seen him involved in a tag team with Chad Gable. But when Gable got drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-Up, his tag team with Gable was split up as Benjamin is now in the midst of his singles run so far. However, he doesn't seem to be doing anything special.

It's clear that he's being used to put over other talents which is understandable. At the age of 41, that's the best role for Benjamin as there are so many superstars who could benefit from beating him. But if he is going to continue putting other superstars over, maybe Benjamin would benefit from being a face instead of a heel?

The truth is, the babyfaces on the Smackdown Live roster don't actually seem to gain anything from beating Benjamin. The Gold Standard is still capable of putting on good matches, so he could be the experienced veteran that other heels such as Andrade 'Cien' Almas love to target. 

He could also be a good option to put into the United States Championship picture whenever needed to put a heel superstar over or to just fill up the numbers in the multi-man matches. Giving Benjamin back his old theme song "Ain't No Stopping Me Now" would be another good decision as the wrestling world has been clamouring for that song ever since he made his return.

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