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6 things you didn't know about Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has been a dominant force in WWE for many years. Making her debut in NXT, she was a bubbly, loving face, who's obsession with glitter and sparkles saw her become beloved by many fans.

This all changed in 2015 when Bliss aligned herself with then NXT-Tag Team Champions, Blake, and Murphy. Changing her entire attitude, as well as her look, Bliss became the resident mean-girl of NXT, helping her team win however possible. She would also challenge for the NXT Women's championship, in an unsuccessful attempt to dethrone the huggable champion, Bayley.

Making her main roster debut as part of the 2016 Brand Extension, Bliss quickly proved to be a star on SmackDown Live, capturing the blue brand's women's championship at TLC 2016, and two months later on SmackDown.

Since transitioning to RAW, Bliss has continued her tour-de-force, winning three RAW Women's Championships, including beating her former NXT rival Bayley. While she may have lost the title at Summerslam to Ronda Rousey, Bliss' star is still growing, as she challenges Trish Stratus at the upcoming WWE Evolution pay per view.

But there's still plenty about the petite powerhouse that many fans aren't aware of, and today, here are six things you (probably) don't know about Alexa Bliss.

#6 She got her name by accident

Bliss as a southern gal, paired with Scott Dawson.

Alexa (real name Alexis Kaufman) has made full use of her in-ring surname, to create wordplays such as Twisted Bliss for her finisher, and the hashtag #BlissedOff.

But the 5-foot star has admitted that the Bliss part of her name came completely by accident.

Originally cast in NXT as a southern country 'gal', Bliss had the catchphrase "Bless your heart." Due to a southern accent she was using for the role, her pronunciation of Bless, turned to Bliss, and the NXT star took it as her own.

It sure does sound better than Twisted Kaufman.

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