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6 Ways WWE Should Book Finn Balor

Adrian Street
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2017 WWE SummerSlam

A talented and a hard working wrestler deserves like Finn Balor to be on the top. Finn Balor is one of the best wrestlers in WWE right now. The longest reigning NXT Champion, 2018 Royal Rumble Match Iron Man, and a former Universal Champion, he puts on stellar performances every week and he has a limitless potential to be on top. However, his booking is not doing him any favors.

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The Irish native has been lost in the shuffle since returning from injury. But after his win over AJ Styles on TLC 2017, he was destined for greater things. However, the next night on RAW he was squashed by Kane. After that, he got lost in the shuffle again. This guy has a tremendous passion for this business and he has been overlooked by the WWE officials for long. It's time for him to be a big presence in the main-roster once again.

So with the right booking, he can be a main-event superstar.

#1 Turn him heel

Enter capPtion
Prince Devitt with the Bullet Club

Back in New Japan when he was still Prince Devitt, he was just like his current character but when he turned heel and formed the Bullet Club, he became one of the most popular wrestlers in NJPW. They laid waste to everyone who went on their path including the current leader of Bullet Club Elite, Kenny Omega. His promos are cool and very heelish. He had outstanding performances in G1 Climax and BOSJ and had amazing feuds with the likes of Okada and Tanahashi.

RAW lacks plausible heels right now in the main event. Most of their top stars are babyfaces. Another problem is that most of their heels are not believable enough to be a main-event star. Baron Corbin is not really connecting with the fans and he needs more work with his in-ring prowess. Jinder Mahal doesn't have the traits of a main-eventer and his current gimmick is not a gimmick of a world champion. Elias lacks experience and needs more build to be credible. But, Balor is already a proven and tested heel. His "Demon King" character will make more sense with his heel persona.

So turning him heel will rejuvenate his character and put him back on track. It'll also bring more intensity to his feuds.

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