6 WWE Superstars who've had their teeth knocked out in the ring

Some of these Superstars could do with a visit to Isaac Yankem - or maybe not
Some of these Superstars could do with a visit to Isaac Yankem - or maybe not
Gary Cassidy

With Hell in a Cell in the rearview mirror, one thing we definitely know for sure, if we didn't already, is just how brutal the wrestling industry can be, and how easy it is to get injured in the ring. One of the more unique injuries that can happen in wrestling is losing teeth.

Whenever it happens, you can't help but wince, with going to the dentist is a very common phobia and losing teeth an incredibly common type of nightmare. Losing a tooth is never nice, unless it cures some toothache, but having them knocked out in the ring is something no one wants. Sadly, it was inescapable for these six Superstars who ended up needing a visit to the dentist - but hopefully not Isaac Yankem.

Here are the six most gruesome dental extractions we've spotted in WWE - and let's just say none of them were performed under anaesthetic. Unless adrenaline counts.

Beware, some of the images in the next few slides are not for the squeamish - but will show just how tough WWE Superstars really are, and how underrated their dentists are too.

#6 Cesaro

The Swiss Cyborg became the
The Swiss Cyborg became the

Okay, so maybe this is cheating - but Cesaro definitely deserves his place here, particularly for carrying on the match in what must have been excrutiating pain.

I mean, they technically weren't knocked out, if anything they got knocked "in" - as one half of The Bar ended up smashing his teeth halfway into his own gums when he ate the ring post off of a slingshot from Dean Ambrose in a Tag Team Championship Match.

The epitome of bravery and "the show must go on," Cesaro didn't just finish the match, he wrestled it to its proper conclusion, which would be 30 minutes after the injury happened.

Cesaro is unique on this list, as he's the only man whose dental requirement saw a T-shirt released via WWE Shop. After Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose mocked the star's lisp while he had to wear braces and a gumshield after the injury, the nickname "Thwith Thyborg" was born - as was this very fetching piece of merchandise.

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Instant best-seller?
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