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6 Wrestlers who retired early to pursue other interests

Pravir Rai
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#4 Santino Marella – TV Analyst

Santino Marella winning the shield
Santino Marella winning the shield

The Canadian-born Santino Marella plied his trade in the indies and even tried his hand in MMA before joining WWE in 2005. The Wrestling Observer awarded him as having the best wrestling gimmick in 2007 and 2008. He won the US title once, the Intercontinental title twice, and was a one-time tag team champion.

Marella suffered neck injury and was forced to retire from wrestling and joined MMA as a trainer. He also served as a judo instructor. Later, Marella was hired as an analyst in Sportsnet 360 Aftermath.

#3 Spike Dudley – Financial Planner

Spike Dudley celebrates his victor
Spike Dudley celebrates his victor

Spike Dudley was a regular in ECW and everyone's favorite little man in wrestling history. His three-quarters facelock bulldog maneuver was one of the best finishers in wrestling. He won the European, Cruiserweight, Hardcore, and Tag Team Championships during his time in WWE. Later, Dudley moved to TNA where he fought some matches.

Currently, he works as a financial planner with MassMutual, helping people with taxes, college, and retirement. Dudley also helps current and former wrestlers in financial planning to help ease their transition from ring to other careers. In his leisure time, he wrestles on the indie circuit with his former ECW counterparts.