6 WWE Superstars that are rumoured to be on 'the juice'

Quite a transformation, this
Modified 20 Apr 2017
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The steroid trial that rocked WWE in the early 90s left Vince McMahon shellshocked and the company on the verge of implosion, but almost 30 years on, has the lesson really been learned? 

Of course, the advent of the Wellness Policy has seen many Superstars clean up their act since and with all the social outreach programs that are fuelled by the WWE, the company has no other choice but to produce a clean bill when it comes to taboo subjects such as steroids.

But beneath all the political correctness on show, we do have a feeling that not every WWE Superstar is entirely natural. And while we, obviously, can’t tell for sure and are unwilling to point an incriminating finger with certainty, here are 5 of them who we have an inkling, could be on the ‘juice;.

Jinder Mahal

Let’s start off with the most obvious one.

Being catapulted from a jobber to number one contender for the WWE Championship is not the only transformation that Jinder Mahal has undergone of late *wink wink* All jokes aside, it is refreshing to see the WWE change up their modus operandi and push someone like him into the main event picture.

He’s a classic heel in the way that he plays off nationalistic sentiments pretty well, and with his newly acquired spectacular physique, he could be booked as a legitimate threat to the top babyfaces of SmackDown Live.

Don’t hinder Jinder!  With that kind of flex though, I honestly don’t see many people trying.

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Published 20 Apr 2017
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