6 female WWE superstars who wrestled under their real names

There are a number of female wrestlers who were able to wrestle under their given names in WWE
There are a number of female wrestlers who were able to wrestle under their given names in WWE
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WWE women have gone through several changes over the past few years with the word "Divas" being scrapped in favor of "Female Superstars."

Over the years, several of these "Divas" came to the company through the annual Diva Search, which meant many of the women were able to join WWE under their real names.

Currently, the only female superstar contracted to WWE under her real name is Shayna Baszler, since she was relatively well-known when she joined.

Ronda Rousey also joined the company under her actual name, but her contract with WWE has since expired.

#6. Former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James

Mickie James was only recently released from WWE as part of budget cuts following the COVID-19 pandemic.

James is a former five-time Women's Champion and spent around a decade working for WWE over two stints. The former Divas Champion debuted for WWE back in 2005 and went on to wrestle Trish Stratus for her first Women's Championship at WrestleMania 22.

James was later released from the company in 2010, before being rehired in 2016 for another five-year tenure. Mickie married and welcomed her first child following her first release from WWE, but since she has always been known under her given name, she has been able to continue working as Mickie James in NWA and IMPACT Wrestling.

#5. WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson joined WWE back in 2001 as part of the WCW invasion after the company was able to buy out its biggest rivals.

Torrie went on to work alongside the likes of Dawn Marie and Stacy Keibler after making the move over to Vince McMahon's company. The former star also appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in 2003 which led to worldwide fame and launched her into several on-screen stories.

The former star was released from the company in May 2008 and subsequently went on to retire from in-ring competition.

Wilson failed to capture any championships during her time in WWE but has returned several times as part of the Women's Revolution. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

#4. Former WWE Women's Champion Melina

Melina entered WWE through OVW and formed a stable with John Morrison and Joey Mercury. In her early years, Melina was seen as an on-screen manager and rarely wrestled as part of the Women's Division.

This changed after MNM split and Melina went after the Women's Championship. The former star captured the championship on three occasions. She also won the Divas Championship twice.

Despite being known by her full name early in her career, Melina's name was shortened when she became a legitimate competitor.

Mickie James and Melina ruled the WWE Women's Division after Trish Stratus and Lita's retirement. They were a huge part of the Women's Revolution that came several years later.

Melina was released from WWE in 2011 but made several appearances for the company in the years that followed.

#3. Former WWE Women's Champion Gail Kim

Gail Kim is perhaps best associated with IMPACT Wrestling, but the former Women's Champion began her career with WWE.

Kim had a short two-year stint with WWE from 2002 to 2004, where she captured the Women's Championship as part of her debut match on RAW.

The former star was released from WWE in 2004 after being told the company was taking the Women's Division in a new direction. Kim went on to start her own revolution in IMPACT Wrestling before returning to WWE in 2008.

Kim's second stint in WWE wasn't noteworthy and ended with the star walking out of Battle Royale on RAW and out of the company for good.

Kim has since been outspoken about the way women in WWE are treated and how she was treated during her time in the company.

#2. Former WWE Women's Champion Layla

Layla won the 2006 Diva Search and went on to become the final WWE Women's Champion before the title was retired in favor of the Divas Championship in 2008.

Layla was the first British-born female wrestler to become Women's Champion and was a popular star in the company for several years. She came into WWE as part of the annual Diva Search, which meant she retained her given name when hired.

Layla retired from the company in 2016 and has since married and started a career as a real estate agent. The former champion made it clear that she doesn't want to return to WWE as part of the Women's Revolution.

#1. Former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool is another female wrestler who first made her mark in WWE as part of the annual Diva Search. Despite not winning the competition, McCool was signed and made quite the impact in the Women's Division.

McCool is a former Women's and Divas Champion but, in recent years, she has become known as the wife of WWE legend The Undertaker.

The former champion left WWE back in 2011 after losing a 'Loser leaves WWE' match to her former friend Layla. She has since gone on to welcome a daughter but hasn't stopped from lacing up her wrestling boots one more time.

Michelle made her return to the WWE as part of the recent Women's Revolution. She held the record for the most eliminations in the Women's Royal Rumble with five.

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