7 Daughters of WWE Superstars currently signed to the company 

There are several daughters signed to the company at present
There are several daughters signed to the company at present

The children of many WWE Superstars past and present currently populate the company's roster. In recent years, they've played a big part in confirming that the promotion's future is in safe hands.

While several of these talents are male superstars - including Roman Reigns, The Usos, Cody Rhodes, and Bron Breakker - there are also a number of daughters who are looking to keep their family name alive.

The following list looks at just six daughters of current and former WWE Superstars who are currently signed to the company.

#7. Elektra Lopez - daughter of former WWE Superstar Steve King

Elektra Lopez has been signed to NXT since June 2021 and has already made quite the name for herself. Before she was known as Elektra Lopez, she made an appearance on Monday Night RAW as part of Bobby Lashley and Lana's wedding, where she revealed that she was Lashley's ex-wife from the military.

In real life, Lopez is a second-generation superstar and the daughter of former WWE star Steve King. Whilst King wasn't as well known as many of the stars on this list, he wrestled for the company between 1976 and 1984.

Steve King sadly passed away in June 1998 and his daughter has made the decision to follow his footsteps into the wrestling business.

#6. Simone Johnson - daughter of The Rock

Simone Johnson has been signed to a WWE contract since she was 19 years old back in May 2020. Johnson is the first-ever fourth-generation superstar to be signed to the company and is the eldest daughter of The Rock.

The former world champion has supported his daughter in her quest to follow in his footsteps, and despite several injury setbacks over the past few years, Simone is still seen as the future of the Women's Division.

Simone underwent knee surgery back in September 2020. The latest update noted that she was healthy and back to training full-time at the Performance Center.

#5. Carmella - daughter of former superstar Paul Van Dale

Carmella has been part of the main roster for more than six years and has already lifted several championships in this time. Whilst she is among a roster of second-generation female wrestlers who have Hall of Famers as parents, Carmella has held her own and followed in her father's footsteps.

Paul Van Dale was part of WWE back in the 1990s and shared the ring with some of the company's biggest stars. This appears to have inspired his daughter to compete in the same arena.

Given the accolades that Carmella has been able to achieve in a short space of time, it's safe to say that she has been able to match the legacy Van Dale left behind.

#4. Natalya - daughter of Hall of Famer Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

Natalya is the first female graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon and has been a part of WWE for almost two decades. The former Women's Champion has become a measuring stick in her division and has been able to help guide many other women during her time in the company.

Natalya is the daughter of Hall of Famer Jim Neidhart and the niece of Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The fact that the former Women's Champion comes from one of the best-known wrestling families in the world has been noted on WWE TV several times throughout her career and has become a talking point in several feuds.

Natalya's mother and father were even able to have small parts of Total Divas ahead of Neidhart's passing back in 2018.

#3. Tamina - daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka

WWE has seemingly distanced themselves from Jimmy Snuka following his passing back in 2017. Tamina has even been forced to drop her last name on TV since the Hall of Famer was surrounded by controversy at the time of his passing.

Much like Natalya, Tamina has been part of the company for more than a decade and has become a consistent face in the Women's Division.

The former Women's Tag Team Champion isn't the first member of her family to make an impact in WWE, since her brother James portrayed Deuce - one half of the Deuce 'n' Domino tag team - from 2005 until his release in 2009.

#2. Charlotte - daughter of Hall of Famer Ric Flair

Throughout her career, it has been made clear that Charlotte Flair is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. The SmackDown Women's Champion has become the most decorated female wrestler in the history of the company over the past seven years and appears to be looking to match her father's 16-time World Championship record.

Flair and her father have been able to work together on-screen several times, and the fact that she is the daughter of the two-time Hall of Famer has been a main talking point throughout her career.

Despite her father's release from the company back in 2021, Charlotte has continued to dominate the Women's Division and is the reigning SmackDown Women's Champion.

#1. Bianca Carelli - daughter of former superstar Santino Marella

Bianca Carelli is the latest daughter to be added to WWE's Performance Center and was recently handed the new name of Arianna Grace. The daughter of former Superstar Santino Marella signed a contract with the company earlier this year and has already made her debut for NXT.

Carelli was also announced as a participant in the first-ever Women's NXT Breakout tournament. Carelli has been wrestling for several years and has been pushing for a WWE contract.

Her father has made a handful of returns to the company lately and has noted that he would be open to returning in a commentary role.

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