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7 former WWE personalities who deserve one more run

J. Carpenter
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Is there still an interest or demand for the straight-edged Superstar?

"Black Friday" is a day in American culture which represents a fun time of the year when shoppers cheerfully wake up at the crack of dawn and venture out to their favourite shops, in the hopes of cashing in on a sweet deal on a new television set or some other overpriced item on their Christmas wish-list.

With that said, the same phrase doesn't carry the same meaning when it is mentioned by WWE officials. Each year, typically shortly after Wrestlemania, WWE releases several Superstars. Some of the releases come from the main roster while some come from NXT as well. What makes these annual releases even more unique is that they normally occur on a Friday, thus the reason for the phrase WWE's "Black Friday."

Not all former WWE Superstars were released against their will. In fact, many simply come to a point in their career where they want a change. Maybe they reach an impasse, so-to-speak, where they feel they are being held back from a creative perspective, or it could be a number of other reasons. Regardless, people change, situations change and sometimes, feelings get involved.

When you look back at the releases over the past few years, there are a number of them who would, or actually should be welcomed back, at least for one more opportunity. This opportunity doesn't necessarily have to be about the fans. The return could be an opportunity for them to prove to themselves that they still have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

With all of this in mind, who are some names of former WWE Superstars that you would want to see come back for at least one final run? Take a look at the following list and see how many of these former Superstars you would like to see make a return.

#7 Justin Roberts

Justin had the energy needed to kick things off on a weekly basis

The job of a WWE ring announcer is an often forgotten and perhaps underappreciated position within the company. I mean, after all, a ring announcer doesn't have to go through the rigorous training and development that it takes to become a full-time, in-ring WWE Superstar. While that may be a correct assertion, it does not take away from the fact that the ring announcer is still an important component of the production of WWE programming.

I'm sure I'm a bit older than many of my readers, but when I was first really getting into professional wrestling, Howard Finkel was the first thing you thought of when anyone mentioned ring announcers.

The Fink would obviously go on to become a WWE Hall of Famer and, by all measures, he has set the standard to which all ring announcers should aspire. Lillian Garcia was another one who became an elite-ring-announcing personality.


Justin Roberts began his WWE career in 2002 and, for roughly a dozen years, he chased the standard left behind by the greats such as Howard Finkel and Lillian Garcia. Quite frankly, Roberts has become as close to that legendary status as anyone who has ever come along since that time.

Since being released in 2014, he has not been short on work, having been booked by Tommy Dreamer to do the ring announcing work for House of Hardcore events. Roberts has also performed at boxing events, MMA bouts and has worked for a plethora of independent promotions as well. It's also worth mentioning that Justin has landed a few acting roles as well. He has landed spots on 'The Messengers' as well as a couple of other network shows.

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