7 great moments from the Greatest Royal Rumble

Braun Strowman eliminated thirteen men to win the match.
Braun Strowman eliminated 13 men to win the match

Greatest Royal Rumble was indeed an event of historic proportions. Seven championships were on the line along with the matches which featured the future Hall of Famers. Not to mention, the set and pyrotechnics were of the elite class.

The show had a lot to offer from the crowning of the Raw tag-team champions to the first ever 50-man Royal Rumble winner. Here are the seven greatest moments of the night.

#1 Triple H and John Cena commenced the show

The Game mocked the leader of the Cenation.
The "Game" mocked the "Leader of the Cenation".

It was the only match of the evening, which didn’t have a future storyline associated with it. Hence, WWE wisely decided to open the show with this match as two of the most decorated Superstars faced each other.

This match set the tone for the show and featured a decent volume of finishing as well as submission moves from both the opponents. Triple H maintained the Heel persona from the get-go and even mocked John Cena’s “Knuckle Shuffle”. It was good to see John Cena finally catching a breather after a string of losses in the recent past.

It is safe to say that both the competitors put on a decent opening match.

#2 Rollins’ lightening fast defense

The title slipped from the Demon King's hands.
The title slipped from The Demon King's hands.

The closing moment of this match was also the most remarkable one. Finn Balor almost had the championship won, but Rollins jumped from the top-rope to land on the ladder. The “Architect” raced through the remaining rungs of the ladder and quickly untied the belt leaving Finn Balor in shock.

The people in attendance as well as “The Demon King” couldn’t believe that he lost the match with a matter of inches. It was a perfectly executed finish of this star-studded match. The Irish Superstar will be kicking himself after the match as he missed the prestigious Intercontinental Championship by a split-second.

#3 The Daivari Brothers' Angle

This was a smart move from WWE.
This was a smart move from WWE.

The event was hosted in Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t have any diplomatic relations with Iran since the attack on Saudi Embassy. Last week, I predicted that WWE might be looking to capitalize on the situation between these two nations by featuring Ariya Daivari, the Iranian-American wrestler.

The “Persian Lion” was wisely put in a promo as the “Daivari Brothers” returned. The crowd booed them as soon as they were spotted. The stadium roared as the duo was beaten in a matter of minutes.

Overall, it is good to see that WWE’s creative team didn’t miss on a plot which was guaranteed to be a success.

#4 The Low Blow didn’t get the job done

Shinsuke Nakamura tried everything but still AJ Styles retained the title.
Shinsuke Nakamura tried everything but still AJ Styles retained the title.

Shinsuke Nakamura has made the “low blow” his signature move since WrestleMania 34. He tried to use this maneuver to steal the victory as the referee was blindsided by AJ Styles. However, it was great to see that the WWE Championship didn’t change hands despite this move.

Both the competitors put on a great match. It would have gutted the efforts of both men if this move had caused the title change. Notably, these two will face each other in a week’s time to fight for the championship at Backlash.

It would be interesting if the match next Sunday could be a No-DQ match.

#5 The Undertaker buried two men

The Reaper stood tall at Jeddah.
"The Reaper" stood tall at Jeddah.

As predicted last week, this match concluded in ten minutes. Within this short span of time, “The Deadman” was able to bury not one but two men.

"The Bulgarian Brute” was able to show some offense. Hence, the match wasn’t a total squash-job as seen at the last appearance of the Undertaker at WrestleMania 34. Although Rusev lost the match, it shouldn’t hold back the Russian Superstar from gaining momentum on the upcoming Monday nights.

As far as “The Phenom” is concerned, he is expected to work only a couple of days this year. It is quite probable that we see the next of him at the SummerSlam.

#6 The controversial ending

Roman's spear handed the victory to Brock Lesnar.
Roman's spear handed the victory to Brock Lesnar.

The rivalry of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns is far from the finish. Although the “Beast Incarnate” took the “Big Dog” to the Suplex-City early in the match, the latter recouped well with a couple of Spears.

Just when it looked like it might be the night for which the challenger is looking for, his own signature maneuver cost him the championship opportunity. Although the champion held the title thanks to the rules, it wasn’t the way he would be hoping to win the match.

Roman Reigns will be facing Samoa Joe next Sunday. It will be interesting to see whether he can get back in the title picture in the near future.

#7 The historic main event

The leader of the
The leader of the "YES" movement made a huge impact.

Orchestrating a match with 50-man is not an easy job. However, WWE managed to pull this off at the King Abdullah International Stadium. It was a match that will be remembered until next time WWE visits this country.

The match had a lot of highlight points, especially as Daniel Bryan made history with the longest Royal Rumble performance of 76 minutes. Thanks to Braun Strowman, Shane McMahon crashed to the announcing table while trying a “Leap of Faith”.

The “Monster Among Men” won the biggest battle among men in WWE’s history. It is good to see that he shined at the main-event after a year of impressive performances.

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