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7 Greatest WWE Divas Champions of all-time

These women stand out in the Divas Championship history

AJ Lee had the most impactful reign

With the SmackDown Women’s Championship coming to prominence, I decided to write about the previous titles as a tribute of sorts. This is a huge deal for the women of WWE, especially SmackDown. In the initial brand split, the Champion would go on both shows to defend her Championship. Turns out that the Divas Championship was introduced to the SmackDown brand in 2008 as a Women’s Championship for SmackDown. You learn something every day, and even I need to remind myself about the history every now and again!   

The Divas Championship was introduced by WWE in 2008 and it has since been the premier Championship from 2010 until its retirement at WrestleMania 32 this year. For seven to eight years, there have been over fifteen Divas Champions with several names having more than one reign. Michelle McCool was the inaugural champion and had two reigns with the Divas Championship. Charlotte was the last to hold the Championship before retiring it at WrestleMania 32 when she won the WWE Women’s Championship.

Now, this may be a controversial list, as everyone has their own opinion when it comes to their favorite Divas. What I am looking at in this list is the reigns, the number of days and the impact that each woman has had with the Championship. While we can argue as to who is, in fact, the greatest Divas Champion, we can’t argue with the facts. 

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