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7 baffling booking decisions from WrestleMania 34

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WrestleMania 34...happened, I guess?

Last night's WWE WrestleMania was a bit of a mixed bag. It really shouldn't have been, either. This was one of, if not the most stacked WrestleMania cards we've seen in a long time. There was no reason for them to have made so many outlandish choices.

Granted, there were a few genuinely satisfying moments, such as Nia Jax's and Seth Rollins' respective title victories, but there were several moments that left the fans scratching their heads.

So in order of appearance, here are seven booking decisions in WrestleMania 34 that made little to no sense, or were just flat-out dumb. Feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments.

#7 Why did Naomi win the Women's Battle Royal?

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Naomi won the first-ever WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal...but was she really the best choice?

Look, Naomi is a fine talent. She's one of the most athletic women on the roster and, when she's on, she's one of the best they've got...but was this really the best option?

Naomi has very little interesting about her right now. Ever since she lost her Women's Championship to Natalya at last year's SummerSlam, she has lost a great deal of relevance in the eyes of the fans.

It's kind of difficult for people to be satisfied with this decision when they've been given no reason to care about Naomi for the past eight months or so.

While these WrestleMania Battle Royals have been known to do nothing to elevate the winners' stock (see Cesaro, Baron Corbin, and Mojo Rawley), they could have done something different with the Women's Battle Royal.

They could have used this match to spearhead someone's ascent to the main roster, like Peyton Royce or Ember Moon (who wasn't even in the match, likely to sell injuries from her match with Shayna Baszler the night before), to re-establish a crestfallen hero like Bayley, or to solidify Sasha Banks as a heel.

But instead, they gave the trophy to Naomi. And they will likely do absolutely nothing with her victory, just as they've done with all the other WrestleMania Battle Royal winners...except hopefully not "Woken" Matt Hardy. Please give him something interesting to do.

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