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7 living legends that we may bid farewell to in 2019

J. Carpenter
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It will be a somber sendoff when this icon departs...
It will be a somber sendoff when this icon departs...

It will be an emotional send-off when these legendary WWE Superstars bid farewell in 2019...

The average age of the current WWE main roster champions is 33-years old. The current age of the entire NXT roster, including house-show performers, is roughly 28-years old.

That's a stark contrast from the way things once were when WWE Superstars were much older. The point is, the sport is getting younger by the year. The independent wrestling scene is chock-full of performers in their early-20's, some even in their late teens.

Not only is the sport getting younger, but it is getting faster and much more competitive. With that in mind, some of the older, more seasoned Superstars of today are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with these lightning fast rookies.

Professional wrestling has changed drastically in the past 10, 20 years. Instead of focusing primarily on the technical aspect of the business, there is more emphasis on theatrics and high-risk, high-flying feats of brilliance.

With this said, there are still quite a few elders still suiting up on a regular basis. While the nostalgic fanatic in me wants to hold on to the tradition which made the sport so great, there is also the more realistic side of me which understands that it is indeed almost time to bid adieu to some of the remaining living legends still on the WWE roster.

Speaking of the last remaining legends of wrestling who are still competing, who are some that will most likely be walking away in the near future? Are you prepared to say goodbye to your favorite veterans of the squared-circle? After taking an in-depth look at all of the existing main roster veterans, here's a look at the 7 living legends whom we will soon be watching as they march off into the sunset...

#7 R-Truth

TRUTH is, R-Truth delivered a lot during his career!
TRUTH is, R-Truth delivered a lot during his career!

I realize that some of my readers may get caught up in the title of this column and question why I would consider R-Truth to be a "living legend," as mentioned in the title. Well, my response would simply ask "what qualifies someone to be considered a living legend?"


With that said, R-Truth has been a consistent source of quality in-ring entertainment throughout his 21-year career. You rarely, if ever, hear anything negative about Truth, coming out of the locker room. Truth simply goes to work and handles business, period.

R-Truth hasn't been known for winning a lot of titles, but then again, someone like him doesn't have to accumulate a laundry list of accolades in order to be considered a success story. Truth has the unique ability to connect with the WWE Universe and he uses that to his advantage. In return, the fans absolutely adore him.

As mentioned earlier, Truth has been competing in the ring for over 20-years now and while he may not have headlined WrestleMania, he has a few other accomplishments, one being winning the famed '10 pounds of gold' while with TNA, that he can hang his hat on once his career has come to a close.

It's obvious that this 46-year old WWE Superstar is nearing the finish line and the question that will be asked next, once he does hang up the boots, is "what's next?" Some say Truth should join the coaches and staff in Orlando and become a trainer for NXT.

Personally, I think we will simply watch R-Truth dance off into the sunset. This is due primarily to the fact that Truth has so much going on outside of wrestling, such as his music and his family.

Truth has released several albums during his wrestling career and I'm sure the newly found downtime will be split between his two loves, one being his music and spending time with his wife and 5 children.

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