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7 Mistakes WWE Made On Raw This Week(29 April 2019)

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So many things could have been better.
So many things could have been better.

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was supposed to be the creative team's chance at laying the foundation for Money in the Bank pay-per-view, as we were finally going to find out which superstars will participate in the event's Money in the Bank ladder matches, what were the other matches to be added to the show's card, and witness the Universal Title contract signing.

So did WWE give their fans a show that would get them pumped? Well, let's just say this, when WWE put effort into the segments they booked on Raw, we saw the potential this creative team can exhibit, but when WWE's writers inserted lazy filler in the three-hour broadcast, fans lost interest.

Therefore, could this episode have been better than it was? Certainly, if WWE just foresaw the aftermath of some of their decisions on the flagship show, we could be praising Raw instead of criticizing it.

#1 Qualifying Matches Out The Window

Earn it? You are mistaken, my friend.
Earn it? You are mistaken, my friend.

The one thing about Money in the Bank that makes it such an interesting pay-per-view is the structure of the show, as this might be the only WWE show that follows any type of structure, and here we see individuals compete with one another to head to the event for a chance to win the contract.

These qualifying matches add a sense of prestige to the match, as only the best of the best can have a shot at winning the ladder match and possibly becoming the World Champion down the road. However, this year WWE said screw all that, 'let's just announce the competitors and get on with our pointless tag team matches that will be repeated until the event.'

It's like WWE isn't even trying anymore to use a bit of logic in their booking anymore, why does Braun Strowman or Baron Corbin qualify for this match over someone like Samoa Joe, there is really no stable reason for these choices, as WWE once again shot themselves in the foot by breaking their own rules.

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