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7 Mistakes WWE Made On The Raw Before Money In The Bank 2019

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3.91K   //    14 May 2019, 19:57 IST

#2 Disqualification City

Shane McMahon loves a good hit and run.
Shane McMahon loves a good hit and run.

Did you know that Vince McMahon's Wild Card Rule states that a particular superstar can only appear on Raw or Smackdown Live for "one night only?" Yet this week Roman Reigns made his second appearance, which is not surprising at all when you consider WWE doesn't follow their own rules.

Okay, Reigns is on Raw again, so how can WWE make the best use of his presence? Oh wait... let's just see him wrestle another tag team match against Bobby Lashley and Elias, that would be super groundbreaking for WWE's rating crisis! Is WWE telling us the absolute best they can come up with on the go home show of Raw is to use Reigns in a tag team match?

It's unbelievable at this point that the creative team cannot seem to churn out something interesting and fresh to get their audience hyped up for one of the biggest shows of the year, moreover, would you be shocked to know that this match ended by a Shane McMahon interference once again?

#3 The Man In The Mirror Is Ice Cold

Lost his 'Mojo.'
Lost his 'Mojo.'

Not everybody is a fan of Mojo Rawley. The man is a heel, he desperately needs all the heat he can get, but Mojo's heat isn't due to him talking to himself in backstage vignettes for the last few months, it's sort of due to the fact no one cares for his character.

Now, here my honest opinion on Mojo's gimmick. It's not that good, but at the same time it truly isn't that bad. What Mojo is suffering from is a lack of apathy from the WWE creative team, as Mojo made his first in-ring appearance on Raw this week after being in backstage hibernation.

Sadly, the crowd did not care about his victory over the terribly underused Apollo Crews, which is a miserable sight for fans of the 'hype bro'. Portraying as a wrestler as a crazy mirror talking freak is not going to connect to the WWE Universe anymore, as everyone knows WWE will get bored of the man in a month, which leaves the fans asking WWE one question, why should we bother if you don't?