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7 Non-WWE wrestlers that could defeat Brock Lesnar

Here is a look at some of the superstars that could defeat Brock Lesnar.

The Beast vs The Cleaner?

Brock Lesnar is a phenomenon in the WWE. Lesnar has been unstoppable ever since he ended the legendary streak of Undertaker. He ran through some big names on the roster and at this point in time, anyone who gets a win over Lesnar would be considered as a big deal in the promotion. 

This is something that WWE will be aware of. And rather than putting over a current superstar on the roster, a wrestler who comes into the WWE from outside would be more suitable to take up the role. With just one match, this superstar could turn out to be a huge star in front of the WWE Universe and here is a look at some of the candidates. With Goldberg destroying Brock Lesnar’s aura with a blink-and-you-miss loss, these non-WWE wrestlers have a great shot at taking down a battered beast.

7: Bobby Lashley

The legit guy

Bobby Lashley belongs to that rare breed of athletes who have excelled in professional wrestling and MMA. In fact, if we keep away Dan Severn and Brock Lesnar, Lashley is perhaps the most successful one as well. With an active MMA record of 14-2 to his name, Bobby is a legit name in the business and a face-off between Lesnar and Lashley is indeed something that WWE fans would be interested in.

Now, the reason why Bobby could beat Lesnar is because of this MMA background itself. By letting Lashley beat Lesnar, WWE could keep intact the legit athlete gimmick of Lesnar as he’ll only suffer defeat to another MMA guy. WWE could give Lashley a similar push and unlike Lesnar; Lashley would be available on a weekly basis.

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