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7 People That Will Benefit From The Shield Breaking Up

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Who will benefit the most from The Shield breaking up?

The question of who will benefit the most from The Shield breaking up is irrelevant. What is relevant however is that there are a lot of people that stand to benefit from The Shield breaking up earlier than expected, which would create sweeping changes in the WWE landscape. In fact, the split could even be the beginning of big things for quick a few younger superstars.

Of course, fans will probably be saddened by them breaking up and going their separate ways, but that doesn't mean this decision doesn't benefit them at all. In all honesty, it probably benefits them the most as it will finally allow more of their favorite superstars to get the opportunities that they have waited a while for.

With that being said, and WWE already teasing The Shield breakup on television, here are a few people that stand to benefit from The Shield breaking up in the coming weeks. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us who you think will be positively affected the change.

#7 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar would have a lot more negotiating power without The Shield around

It's all about negotiation power and Brock Lesnar will have a lot more of it once The Shield is finally broken up. Not only is that evident by the fact that WWE will need him more on television once the group breaks up, but also by how it will finally expose Roman Reigns for who he really is.

In all honesty, the WWE Universe knows that once the company strips away The Shield nostalgia and starts booking Reigns on his own again, he is going to fall flat as the top guy. Furthermore, Reigns is still getting booed even as a member of The Shield, which means the fans will leave once he is alone again.

With that being said, that's a lot of negotiating power for Lesnar and it might be enough for him to reinsert himself back on top of Monday Night Raw. Whether that happens or not is ultimately up to Lesnar's schedule and the WWE's plans, but he would probably be a better choice than Roman Reigns.

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