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7 rare pictures that define AJ Styles outside the ring

Daniel Massey
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AJ Styles is one of the hottest stars in the WWE at the moment. Performing for the SmackDown Live brand, he has already had multiple matches with different Superstars that have helped raise the profile of SmackDown to make it stand out from the shadow of Raw. He is indeed, the face that runs the place.

Despite the fact that he has been out of the WWE Championship title picture since his first run, he is now the US Champion and continues to raise the bar.

He can make anyone look good and he can have fantastic matches with any Superstar thrown at him. Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon, just to name a few, are some of the more recent competitors to help AJ Styles cement his legacy in the biggest wrestling company in the world.

However, there is much more to AJ Styles than just his in-ring accomplishments. He has a relatively guarded personal life but I have compiled seven photos that define the man AJ Styles is outside the ring.

#7 Family man

Father and Daughter

AJ Styles has been blessed with four children - three sons and a daughter. This picture shows a much softer side of Styles as he poses with his daughter for a classy black and white snap. He certainly doesn’t look like a man that would smash his manager’s head through a car window.

Anney Jones, AJ’s daughter, is quite clearly the light of his life and as she clutches to his necklace in this picture, it becomes clear why AJ spends 300+ days on the road, why he will be spending Christmas working and why he misses out on so much. It’s so he can provide a great life for all of his children.

It’s because of this lifestyle that he cherishes family time so much, akin to the way Kevin Owens does too. AJ certainly makes the most of his time with his children and the tranquillity in this photo certainly contrasts the hectic lifestyle he has to follow.

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