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7 Reasons Rusev is WWE's next breakout star

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All over the world, a peculiar phenomenon is occurring. Wrestling fans from all walks of life and all nations are embracing a Bulgarian athlete with great enthusiasm.

The groundswell of support for a man who had been relegated to the lower mid-card is as surprising as it is refreshing. Despite the best efforts of WWE to make Rusev into a villain fans love to boo, he continues to get cheers much louder than his spot on the card would indicate.

Thanks to a new catchphrase--It's Rusev Day!--and a charming, slightly goofy social media presence, Miroslav Barnyashev has finally done what unbeaten streaks, title reigns, and heavy promotion have failed to do.

He's gotten over with the wrestling fans.

Getting the fans behind (or against) you is pretty much a guarantee of success. The WWE listens to their fans, now more than ever. Here are seven reasons Rusev is the next breakout star of wrestling.

#7 Tremendous Strength

Rusev was a powerlifter in his native Bulgaria.
Rusev was a powerlifter in his native Bulgaria.

Rusev possesses a natural strength and talent for heavy lifting. He has developed this in born ability with fierce training, making him one of the strongest active wrestlers in the world.

Given his natural stockiness and thick build, Rusev has all the physical tools he needs to dominate the WWE for years to come.

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