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7 Ring of Honor stars that would be title contenders in the WWE

Taking a look at the top stars of Ring of Honor!

Could more of The Bullet Club be heading to the WWE??

In the wide world of professional wrestling, there's the WWE, then everyone else. Within that “everyone else” category, you’ve got New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA and of course, Ring of Honor, who top that list. ROH is one of the more unique wrestling promotions you’ll find.

They have always had a roster full of high-quality talent, who have consistently given their fan-base something to hold on to. Despite the fact that ROH has notoriously struggled with finding a top level television deal, the company has always been able to retain their die-hard, core group of fans.

Another key component that has contributed to the success of Ring of Honor has been their close relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPW has always been home to some of Wrestling's greatest talent. Fortunately for ROH, they have been able to successfully tap into that superior talent pipeline for themselves.

Ring of Honor has always been a great promotion for professional wrestlers to put their skills on display and there is absolutely no shame in being a member of the ROH roster.

With that said, there will always be one company that sits high atop the professional wrestling mountain, which is obviously the WWE. Sure, there have been some wrestlers who claim they would never sign with the WWE for whatever reason.

It seems as if the wrestling community has painted this evil portrait of what they think the company is. However, at the end of the day, if enough money is on the table... those ill thoughts will subside and these wrestlers will indeed sign on the dotted line.

Looking at the current Ring of Honor roster, it is pretty simple to determine which of their stars would have the best chance at success on the bigger stage with the WWE. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but some guys are simply not made for that level of performing.

With these individuals, ROH is pretty much the pinnacle for their respective career, which is perfectly fine. But, there are in fact a select few from their current roster that would probably have a good chance at doing some great things in the WWE.

Here’s a look at the seven stars from Ring of Honor who I believe would not only do well but could potentially compete for a title in the WWE.

#7 Marty Scurll

Marty takes pride in being a true villain

This guy is quietly becoming something we all will soon be talking about. Marty Scurll is the current Ring of Honor Television Champion. He has only been with ROH since last summer but has already made a significant impact.

Dubbed “The Villain,” Marty sports his trademark umbrella with him to the ring, which he may or may not have access to if necessary. 

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Marty made a name for himself in his native UK territory, prior to coming to the States and competing at the highest levels with top indie promotions such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Scurll has also made appearances with TNA as well, competing in the 2012 British Boot Camp.

Marty’s style is what you would expect from a typical British brawler. He is relentless, methodical and strong. Even though he’s only 5’9”, Marty has proved that he can handle himself just fine in the presence of wrestlers twice his size.

Marty would be versatile enough in the WWE, that he could either compete as a member of the Cruiserweight Division, or he could start off in NXT until he has honed his craft enough to make a main roster run.

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