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7 Sins of Triple H

Riju Dasgupta
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The Cerebral Assassin is a sinful man indeed

Triple H isn’t just one of the most renowned, beloved, controversial and popular wrestlers of all time. He’s the first in line to take over from Vince McMahon, once the patriarch of the wrestling industry calls it a day.

Across the world, Triple H is beloved as a legend in the wrestling business, and also is definitely bound for the Hall of Fame. But his journey hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses, all the way through. Here are 7 sins of the King of Kings that you did not know about until we at Sportskeeda brought it to you right now.

#7 Lust: Dumping Chyna for Stephanie McMahon

We don’t blame him, but still

In the late 90s, Triple H and Chyna were the hottest couple on television. As members of DX, they ruled the ratings week in and week out in the war against WCW. But when booked in an angle with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and her discovered a connection.

Hunter would dump his then-girlfriend Chyna for Stephanie McMahon, in due course. A decision that would not only end Chyna’s momentum but also ensure that Triple H rose the ranks and became heir to the largest wrestling empire in the world.

Was it a matter of the heart or the wallet is a question fans across the internet have been long asking themselves. But considering how long they’ve lasted, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. But here’s yet another matter where we simply cannot.

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