7 Sins of Triple H

The Cerebral Assassin is a sinful man indeed
Riju Dasgupta

Triple H isn’t just one of the most renowned, beloved, controversial and popular wrestlers of all time. He’s the first in line to take over from Vince McMahon, once the patriarch of the wrestling industry calls it a day.

Across the world, Triple H is beloved as a legend in the wrestling business, and also is definitely bound for the Hall of Fame. But his journey hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses, all the way through. Here are 7 sins of the King of Kings that you did not know about until we at Sportskeeda brought it to you right now.

#7 Lust: Dumping Chyna for Stephanie McMahon

We don’t blame him, but still

In the late 90s, Triple H and Chyna were the hottest couple on television. As members of DX, they ruled the ratings week in and week out in the war against WCW. But when booked in an angle with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and her discovered a connection.

Hunter would dump his then-girlfriend Chyna for Stephanie McMahon, in due course. A decision that would not only end Chyna’s momentum but also ensure that Triple H rose the ranks and became heir to the largest wrestling empire in the world.

Was it a matter of the heart or the wallet is a question fans across the internet have been long asking themselves. But considering how long they’ve lasted, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. But here’s yet another matter where we simply cannot.

#6 Pride: Authority Storyline

Not even Vinnie Mac could do anything about this boring stable

For now, they seem to be done! At least for a while. But until recently, The Authority was one of the most boring factions in WWE history. Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon insisted on keeping themselves on screen in one of the most meh periods of wrestling (when Roman Reigns wasn’t getting over).

Their run grew stale in no time, and while the brand split has been a breath of fresh air, we believe that they’re still not done. And if this was not enough, the pride of Triple H made him win this year’s Royal Rumble over other deserving candidates, and main-event Wrestlemania 32 as well.

#5 Gluttony: Favouritism in HOF Inductions

The Hall of Fame has been called a ceremony for Hunter's Friends

Nobody takes the WWE Hall of Fame that seriously. Not only because wrestling isn’t a real sport so achievements are ‘awarded’ instead of earned, but also because the Hall of Fame almost seems like a family run affair.

Granted, members of the Kliq are all legends in the industry, but all of them have been headlining the awards ceremony, every single year, ahead of some other deserving contenders. This is because they’re also Triple H’s best friends in wrestling. And similarly, deserving wrestlers who've had heat with Hunter are not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

#4 Sloth: Reign of Terror

For a couple of years, Triple H would not let go of the top spot

Nobody can deny that Triple H is a good worker, so let’s say that this was sloth on the part of booking. But for almost two years at the turn of the century, Triple H held on to the top spot and would take the steam off what was once the hottest period in wrestling.

He would beat Flair, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Goldberg, and only drop his titles to his friends Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton. In fact, through his actions, even Kane would lose all momentum after he was unmasked during this dark period.

Smackdown gained momentum at this time, and Raw became unwatchable because of Triple H’s lazy, boring title run.

#3 Envy: Burying WCW Talent

Triple H buried WCW’s biggest star at Wrestlemania

Sting held out on joining WWE for many, many years because he felt that his character would be misused. He was not wrong. In his first Wrestlemania match, he was beaten in the middle of the ring by Triple H, in a decision that made no sense except for the fact that WCW is, was and always will be seen as the ‘enemy’.

And that’s not all. Goldberg and Booker T too were beaten, allegedly, because of Triple H’s envy of WCW’s talent.

#2- Avarice: Orchestrating the Montreal Screwjob

A 4/10 picture

While nothing is certain, because all of this happened behind closed doors, it is said that Triple H is responsible for wrestling's most notorious incident- The Montreal Screwjob.

He was in a meeting with Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon, and when Vince said Bret won’t drop the title before moving to WCW, Triple H said then ‘we’re going to have to make him drop it’. Little wonder then that Bret Hart holds Hunter in such low regard, and gives him 4/10 ratings for his in-ring performances.

#1 Wrath: Heat with former talent

The wrath of Triple H can end your push

Recently it was speculated that Triple H had heat with Alberto Del Rio, and look how long his WWE run lasted after that.

Having heat with Triple H can be a death knell in your WWE run. Be it The New Age Outlaws, London and Kendrick, Goldberg or even Shane McMahon, there’s a reason their runs in the company were limited and Triple H continues to rule the roost. If you face the wrath of Triple H, prepare to be buried deep for a long, long time.

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