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From obscurity to showtime: 7 Superstars that could do major things in 2018

J. Carpenter
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The WWE Universe could fade-to-black in 2018

There's a storm brewing...a storm of change. Within that storm lies hopes for big things in 2018 for the WWE Universe. Fans have grown tired and frustrated at the same old repetitive content, week-after-week. We open Smackdown Live each week with Shane McMahon using the first 25 minutes of air-time all just to say....."What's up, Cleveland?!"

But of course, the night before we get a three-hour overhyped episode of RAW where Vince spends the evening tucked away in the gorilla position, throwing spitballs against the wall, hoping to get one to stick. With the risk of getting too carried away on some nonsensical whining rant, allow me to sum up my thoughts by simply implying that we, the die-hard fans who not only watch religiously but also spend our hard-earned money on tickets to live events, we are tired of feeling like each week is just the same song, with a different dance.

With that out of the way, let me say that I am not one of these hot-cold fans who swear off all things WWE. I have been a fan for over 30 years, I have watched without fail and I have spent thousands of dollars on tickets and memorabilia. That is something that will likely never change, I am a lifer when it comes to my allegiance to professional wrestling and I will continue to support the guys and gals who put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, all for the sake of entertaining me. I simply want to see a little change.

When it comes to change, there is currently a nearly unlimited stockpile of quality talent not only on the main roster but also in the developmental system. So, why not pass the ball to someone else? What have we to lose at this point?

After looking over all of the current rosters, here's a look at 7 names who have the potential of stepping up to the plate and delivering in a big way, IF just given the opportunity.

#7 The Ascension

Enter capt
There's still hope for this duo!

I see you over there, laughing hysterically. Go ahead, get it all out, mock me now while you can, but I am sticking to my guns on this one. I have been a believer in The Ascension ever since they dominated in NXT. Most fans seem to have forgotten just how good Viktor and Konnor truly were on the Yellow Squad.

Since arriving on the main roster, these guys have been made into nothing more than a complete joke. This is definitely not their fault, they have yet to be given a real opportunity to succeed. Make no mistake, there is talent under that facepaint.

If someone would offer them a small window of opportunity, The Ascension could potentially bring something competitive and exciting to the tag team division.

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