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7 Teams that should have never won the Tag Team Titles

There have been many bad tag teams over the years, and some of them won the Tag Team Championship even though they never should have.

WWE has had very disappointing Tag Team Champions in the past.


WWE currently has two sets of Tag Team Championships, which is not new to the promotion, as it has had a pair of tag titles for many years during the original brand split. Right now there are multiple teams that are all cohesive units and share a common bond with each other.

In the past, that wasn’t such the case. Or, when it was the case, the teams were just, well, bad. 

Sometimes WWE just didn’t have the manpower on the rosters to create enough tag teams for two separate sets of titles. Sometimes the creative team was just plain lazy and didn’t try to make the tag teams any good, and just had the belts for the sake of having them. And it showed, based on some of the teams on this list.

Here’s a look at 7 teams that never should have won tag team gold in WWE. 

#7 Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

This was quite an odd couple.

A tag team that lasted a short stint in 2004, SmackDown’s Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki had less-than-successful singles runs. Suzuki, in fact, was such a disappointment that he was moved from a possible main event role due to his increasingly poor performances in the ring.

The two men actually made for a somewhat charming team, but they were clunky and inexperienced in the ring and had some very poor matches. A youthful Frenchman and a formerly evil, but now just silly and clumsy Japanese man meet in a bar. They form a tag team.

That’s not much of a joke, and they weren’t much of a team. They actually held the tag titles on SmackDown for three months before losing them to the equally short-lived SmackDown team of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.

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