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7 Wrestling moves that are banned

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CM Punk uses a Piledriver on John Cena.
CM Punk uses a Piledriver on John Cena.

It might seem strange to some that pro wrestling, which relies on pre-determined victors and scripts, would have banned manoeuvres.

Looking deeper at the subject will lead to the conclusion that there are, much of the time, good reasons for these moves to be outlawed. Sometimes it's a matter of the move being dangerous, and liable to result in injury for one or both of the performers.

Other times, the move might be associated with a controversial figure in sports entertainment, or create controversy that the promoters would wish to avoid.

Over the years there have been numerous moves outlawed by wrestling federations. Here are seven of the most famous.

#7 The Piledriver (Classic)

Hulk Hogan in the clutches of Paul Orndorff's piledriver.
Hulk Hogan in the clutches of Paul Orndorff's piledriver.

The piledriver is a move with many variations. There's the classic piledriver, which involves simply sitting down backwards with your opponent inverted.

Then there's the high spike piledriver, made famous by Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, which involves a jumping motion. Terry Funk made famous a version called the running Piledriver where he took several steps back before delivering it. Jerry Lynn used a cradle piledriver which looked brutal as all get out.

These days, the traditional piledriver, where one puts their stomach to their victim's back, is almost unseen.

Why the move was banned: Many wrestlers have been injured by the move, most notably (and visibly) Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Who has banned the move: The WWE banned all piledriver variations in 2000, citing safety concerns. Undertaker and Kane were 'grandfathered,' meaning they were allowed to continue using the move as it was a signature and they were using it before the ban.

Most independent promotions do not ban the piledriver but discourage its use except among the most elite of competitors. Notably, Ring of Honor allows all versions of the Piledriver, but even there its use is rare.

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