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7 WWE Eras and the Superstars that ruled them

Which era is the greatest?
Rimika Saini
Modified 01 Apr 2020
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If you're looking at how the world of professional wrestling has evolved today, a lot of the credit for that monumental alteration goes to WWE.

Since Vince McMahon has productively brought so many different elements in the business, the company has ascended to unimaginable heights to become a global phenomenon.

With alterations in the product, WWE have definitely become more fan-friendly and interactive today than they used to be probably two decades back.

Superstars like The Undertaker, Kane, HBK, Stone Cold, John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan have all emerged as some of the most successful superstars of their generation.

Considering that the company acknowledges conceptualizing their creativity over a period of seven eras, it is also equally responsible to understand how many superstars ruled them.

Assessing the most popular superstars in their respective eras is a massive task. So, here are the 7 WWE Eras and the superstars that ruled them.

#1 The Golden Era (1982 to 1993) - Hulk Hogan

The Golden Boy of the Golden Era

With Vince McMahon taking over the company and introducing a completely different dimension to the world, the Golden Era thrived under the rule of Hulk Hogan.


There's no superstar that even came close to matching Hulkamania's presence and McMahon's reliance over the former WWF Champion proved difficult for other stars like Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Rowdy Roddy Piper to get some spotlight.

Considering that WrestleMania was first held under the Golden Era, this generation of superstars hold a substantial place in the company's history.

Since Hulk Hogan went on to headline multiple WrestleMania events, he remained untouchable until he went away to WCW and guys like Bret Hart broke out as sensational superstars to go ahead in the next era.

Pretty noteworthy moments in this era and the introduction of WrestleMania complimented by mainstream pop-culture, WWF ascended to the top of professional wrestling.

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Published 26 Sep 2018, 09:31 IST
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