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7 WWE superstars that could turn heel soon 

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WWE has teased a lot of character turns for many of their babyfaces.

The old law that a heel turn is an answer to everything has faded over the last few years, as fans are just fed up with wrestlers turning heel without any motivation or build, and its hard not to agree with fans gripes, as superstars turning heel for the sake of turning heel is getting lame fast.

Nevertheless, that doesn't stop WWE from teasing more and more heel turns every day of the week, as many of superstars on the main roster are in prime position for career changing character shift, so let's see who is in line for that change.

#1 Bobby Roode

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Roode is one of those superstars that shouldn't be a babyface.

Bobby Roode's main roster run has been a laughable mess, as the creative team decided to take one of the best heels in NXT history and turn him babyface because his theme song was more popular than the WWE expected.

But here we are, and Roode's career is disappointingly in the dumps, as his lack of direction, zero connection with his character has been his biggest downfall, but it seems as if WWE could change that by having the former US Champion become more like his NXT self.

The narrative between Roode and Chad Gable could see Roode turn heel, as rumours suggest Roode's jealousy for Gable hogging the spotlight would give him a clear reason to turn on the former Tag Team Champion.

But now that scenario won't play out due to Roode's losing streak with Gable, "the glorious one" could turn on Chad for the reason of Gable dragging him down. Whichever WWE choose they should make this Bobby Roode heel turn a must, as it could save his terrible WWE main roster run.

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