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7 WWE Superstars Who Will Retire Soon And 7 Who Can Replace Them

Ishaan Sharma
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These legends could hang up their boots soon

Wrestling is a profession where one's career could end in a short time. It could be because of an unexpected injury or something else, but several superstars are in this business for many years.

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Some worked for many years, whereas some are still working. However, there's always an end to someone's career, and we all know that in the WWE, injuries ended many careers.

Some WWE superstars are still working for the company but are expected to retire in the upcoming months or years. Here is a list of 7 WWE superstars who will retire soon and who can replace them.

#7 Kane

Kane of 90s
Kane has been one of the ever-presents in WWE

Kane is 46 years old, and it seems like he can still wrestle for few more years, but he is also a mayor of the Knox County. He is working as a part-timer, and because of his responsibilities for the board, he could retire soon.

Who can replace him: Finn Balor

Finn Balor may not look as a replacement for Kane, but his "Demon King" persona is very similar to the Kane of 90s.

Finn Balor is currently a babyface, and he is playing his character with perfection. Most of the time Kane played a negative role in the company, but we also saw the good side of him when he was in Team Hell No.


Balor has two personalities, and it will be better if he uses his dark side to become someone like the Kane we saw in the 90s.

#6 The Big Show

It's the BIG SHOW!
It's the BIG SHOW

From the past few months, we haven't seen The Big Show fighting in the WWE ring. He worked hard on his body and has kept himself fit for wrestling.

He is such a kind of wrestler no one would generally want to interlope with. At the moment he is 46 years old and will retire in the next few years.

Who can replace him: Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman and The Big Show's body structure is similar to each other as both wrestlers dominate over their opponents.

Last year, Big Show and Braun Strowman confronted each other several times and once during their match, the ring also collapsed.

Strowman is one of the best wrestlers in the company and there is no doubt that he can replace Big Show.

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