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8 mistakes WWE made on Raw this week (10 September 2018)

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Another terrible showing from Raw.

To be honest with you, Raw this week was not what you hoped for, and with the recent episodes of Raw tanking harder than a jobber's chances on the main roster, it's not your fault if you already lost all hope.

Now while Raw was not a thoroughly awful show this week, it did repeat many of the mistakes fans hoped WWE would learn from, but this is WWE people, the creative team hardly gives us what we want.

This week's episode was filled with moments and matches you have seen a hundred times, there was nothing exciting or engaging about the entire bulk of the flagship show, and that's what failed this episode, a lack of originality.

#1 A tired opening segment

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Heels come to the ring, bragging about destroying the babyfaces, and the babyfaces kick the heels asses, sounds familiar? Yeah, that's the plot for every single redemption story that exists in the WWE today. While it was cool seeing Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns take out everyone at ringside, do you know the men that were jobbing to The Shield in this segment are the entire Raw mid-card?

WWE saw it fit to sacrifice the credibility of all their heels just to give The Shield a nice moment, stars like Kevin Owens, The Authors of Pian, Elias and Jinder Mahal all had to play Strowman's lackeys just to save his credibility. This storyline could have been great, but could it just conclude already, as this was a weak opening to a go home show of Raw.

#2 Ruby Riott losses credibility

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We knew it was coming, but at least Riott could have saved some momentum.

Last week on Raw, The Bella Twins took on The Riott Squad, and unsurprisingly beat them, this week WWE repeated themselves by having Ruby Riott take on Nikki Bella in singles action.

While the match was great for what it was, the slow descent of Ruby Riott and her buddies down the card is disappointing to watch, as these are superstars that are the only legit faction in the women's division.

Nikki Bella was not going to lose her comeback match, and fans knew that, but at least WWE could have given Riott an opportunity to save some credibility, as WWE consistently downplaying the heels makes the babyfaces characters feel less investable.

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