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8 WWE Superstars who need a new finisher

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Good finishers are a vital element in getting WWE Superstars over

Earlier this year, we made a wish list of WWE Superstars who need to adopt a new finisher. But just like Braun Strowman, we aren’t finished either! Here, we have just extended the list even further. However, this time out we are looking at WWE Superstars who are using finishers that are either underwhelming or just way too over-done!

Do you have any more names in your mind? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

#1 Bayley

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The 'Bayley to Belly' is arguably the weakest finisher in WWE today

Let’s get over with the first name that came to your mind. Bayley’s finisher is called ‘Bayley to Belly’. Now, the intern who came up with that name definitely deserves a raise. However, what’s hidden behind the very apt name is a simple Belly to Belly suplex.

Something that Big E uses as an appetizer during his matches. Let us also state the fact that Big E’s Belly to Belly suplexes look way more devastating that Bayley’s. In theory, it is the perfect move for Bayley’s character. After all, it does resemble a ‘hug’. However, the execution makes it one of the weakest finishers in WWE today.

New Finisher: Scissored Armbar with stomps

Now, let’s not put all the thought behind ‘Bayley to Belly’ go to waste. After all, it can still be bettered by executing it off the top rope. However, it would be a great idea to give Bayley a second finisher.

Bayley has executed the 'Scissored Armbar with Stomps' in WWE NXT against Sasha Banks & the result looks incredibly impressive. Considering the fact that WWE is rumoured to be working on a heel-turn for Bayley in the near future, this move definitely will give her a ruthless edge. Also, this move definitely has a 'desperation' vibe to it. 

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