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8 scenarios for each male WWE Superstar to win at Money In The Bank

Find the keys that could lead each of these wrestlers to the briefcase...

Top 5 / Top 10 14 Jun 2018, 00:56 IST

Who will win?
Who will win?

Every once in a while, there is a great idea that revolutionalizes not just the WWE but professional wrestling as a whole. One of those ideas was the Money In The Bank concept; which debuted at WrestleMania 21 in 2005.

The concept was simple, take one of the most exciting match types and add an element that can cause intrigue and suspense for up to a full year. That is what the combination of the ladder match with the Money In The Bank briefcase presented.

Since 2005, the men have competed in a total of 18 Money In The Bank Ladder Matches and 15 of those 18 went on to become a world champion within the WWE. That is a success rate of 83%.

This year eight male WWE Superstars have a chance to hold that briefcase and this article is going to take a look at scenarios for each man to climb the ladder, grab the briefcase, and cash it in.

This is not an article ranking the likelihood of winning, so the WWE Superstars will be presented in an unranked list, starting with the first WWE Universal Champion in history.

#1 Finn Balor

Can Finn Ba
Can Finn Balor take the next step to reclaiming the WWE Universal Championship he never lost?

It has been over 650 days since Finn Balor had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship due to injury. Oddly enough, he has never really had a fair shot at regaining that title either.

That is the story that can be played if Balor is able to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase this Sunday.

He's proven to have great matches with someone much bigger than him (Braun Strowman) so cashing the contract in on Brock Lesnar and winning isn't really that far-fetched.

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