9 greatest dynasties of the Wrestling world

Modified 12 Nov 2017
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#4 The Von Erichs

The Von Erichs
The Von Erichs

Tearing up the Texas and southern territories in the seventies and eighties were the Von Erich family. Trained by their father Fritz, a legendary wrestler and promoter, the Von Erichs combined size, power, and speed along with natural charisma to sell out venues in half the United States and all over the world.

Perhaps the most successful of the group was Kerry von Erich. Kerry won the NWA world championship from no less than Ric Flair and is the only member of his family to make it to the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania.

Unfortunately, the Von Erichs aren't only known for their wrestling acumen. They are also one of the most tragic families in the business. Most of Fritz's sons, including Kerry, took their own lives.

The most recent member of the Von Erich clan to wrestle is Lacey von Erich, Kerry's daughter. Despite showing some promise, her career appears to be over and she is focusing her energy on other goals now. Still, the von Erichs dynasty will be remembered by a whole generation who applied Iron Claws to their siblings and friends in the backyard.

Published 09 Nov 2017
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