9 People That Will Be Affected By Brock Lesnar Signing A New Deal With WWE

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Who will be negatively affected by Brock Lesnar signing a new deal with WWE?
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Will Brock Lesnar sign yet another deal with WWE?

While that outcome might have been a great thing for WWE a few months ago, especially with how poorly WWE was booking Roman Reigns at the time, it is now probably the worst thing WWE could do in this situation. In fact, if WWE does go along with Lesnar's request, it could turn WWE into a complete laughing stalk.

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With that being said and there still being a few weeks to go before The WWE Universe finds out if Vince McMahon is willing to go along with Lesnar's request, here are a number of people that will be negatively affected by the decision. In the end, hopefully, Vince McMahon decides against this idea and sends Lesnar packing, but what if he doesn't do that?

What if WWE actually has Lesnar retain The Universal title, and then he goes on to win The UFC heavyweight title from Daniel Cormier? Sure it will result in more publicity on WWE's part, but what will the cost of that be? Furthermore, what will Lesnar's title reign mean for young stars hoping to get the main event slot on Raw?

Here is everyone that stands to be negatively affected by Lesnar doing all this.

#9 The WWE Universe

WWE Universe, WWE,
How will The WWE Universe feel if Brock Lesnar signs a new deal?

The WWE Universe has been dying to see someone wrestle the title away from Brock Lesnar and while Roman Reigns isn't exactly their chosen hero, the moment would still serve the purpose of getting the title off of a part-timer. Unfortunately for THe WWE Universe, if this deal between Lesnar and McMahon happens, it likely means that Lesnar won't drop the title.

That means the change WWE fans have been clamouring for will be held off once again and the title picture would remain permanently fixated on Brock Lesnar. In the end, it's not what fans want to see and will only serve to further damage The Universal title division in very permanent ways.

#8 Finn Balor and similarly sized superstars

Finn Balor, WWE,
Will Finn Balor ever get another shot at The Universal Title with Brock Lesnar as champion?

WWE has been very protective of who they put Brock Lesnar in the ring with and while a lot of that has to do with popularity and backstage politics, it also has to do with legitimacy as well. With that being said, it's obvious that a match between Finn Balor and Brock Lesnar wouldn't look legitimate, which would distract from the storytelling.

Unfortunately for Finn Balors and superstars with his kind of build, they will likely not see a lot of title opportunities if Lesnar retains the title. In fact, if Lesnar signs his new deal with WWE and retains The Universal Title at Summerslam, superstars like Balor would be better off getting traded to Smackdown Live.

#7 The WWE

Vince McMahon, WWE,
Vince McMahon has a big decision to make regarding Brock Lesnar.

Believe it or not, WWE has a lot to lose in this situation and should be very weary about trying to make a new deal with Brock Lesnar. In fact, not only will Lesnar staying champion kill all the plans that WWE has set up for the future, it costs will cost them a horde of fans in the process.

As if that wasn't bad enough, The Universal title will look like a complete joke in comparison to that of The UFC Heavyweight title and UFC will be sure to remind WWE of that every chance they get! Of course, Vince McMahon might think he can change people's perception of the belt as time goes along, but it will always look like a prop belt compared to The UFC title

In the end, Lesnar remaining champion and going on to win The UFC title would be a disaster for WWE and hurt The Universal title more then Lesnar's first reign did. It could even turn fans off from the company completely, which would be a big loss for The WWE following one of their big four pay per views.

#6 Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, WWE,
Ronda Rousey might want to root against Brock Lesnar getting a new deal with WWE

Ronda Rousey being the only UFC entity in The WWE would have been a very lucrative position for her, but it looks like all that can be undone now by Brock Lesnar staying with WWE. Unfortunately for Rousey, this will likely result in less tv time, less money, less focus and once again playing a secondary role in the men's division

If Rousey is going to have any lasting impact in WWE, the company needs to let her lead for a while. Maybe if it doesn't work out, they can bring Brock Lesnar back later on, but at least give Rousey the ball and let her run with it. In fact, that's what would be best for business, not only for Raw but for a Women's division struggling to make an impact.

#5 Monday Night Raw

WWE, Monday night raw,

Think having one part-time champion is bad?

Then imagine what would happen if WWE signed Brock Lesnar to a new deal and had Rousey as their new Raw Women's champion. While a move like that would skyrocket WWE into relevancy in the mainstream media for a short time, it also runs the risk of creating two part-time champions on what is supposed to be WWE's biggest show.

If nothing else, two part-time champions would be a disaster for WWE no matter what kind of relevancy it gains them. With that being said, The WWE Universe is already upset over how long Brock Lesnar has held The Universal Title and having two part-time champions could be a deal breaker for fans.

#4 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar, WWE,
There's no way Brock Lesnar could pull double duty at his age!

It's no secret that Brock Lesnar isn't Superman and while some fans might want to think he could compete in The WWE and UFC at the same time, it would be a very physically taxing endeavour for The Beast Incarnate. As if that wasn't bad enough, imagine how emotionally taxing it would be for Lesnar to hold both The UFC and Universal title at the same time.

Not only would that create a situation where UFC fights would take priority, which means an even more limited schedule in WWE, it also puts a level of stress on Lesnar's body that no one is sure he can deal with. Maybe he can if he has the right conditioning and really wants to put effort into this duel champion reign idea, but there is a higher likelihood that he fails.

In the end, there is no way Lesnar's body is going to hold up in that situation. Furthermore, there is no way that UFC is going to take The Universal title seriously if the duel champion idea does pan out. Either way, this is a bad idea that is going to expose just how lazy Lesnar can be and it could cost him his reputation in the process.

#3 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley, WWE,
How long with Bobby Lashley last in WWE now?

Where does Bobby Lashley stand in all of this?

While some originally believed that Bobby Lashley would be replacing Roman Reigns as the top guy and go on to face Lesnar for The Universal title, but that never ended up happening. Instead, Bobby Lashley lost a number one contender's match against Reigns to determine Lesnar's next opponent and is now being relegated to a mid-card feud with Elias.

With that being said and Lashley's stock plummeting after losing to Reigns, it seems very likely that Lesnar staying with WWE isn't going to help things at all. In fact, it could result in Lashley being moved further down the card and not getting another shot at The Universal title picture for quite some time.

In the end, maybe WWE can pull this out for later on, but it honestly feels like they have no interest in doing that right now. Not only is that evident by Lashley becoming an afterthought in The Universal title picture, but also by exactly how far they dropped Lashley down the card after his feud with Reigns.

#2 Bruan Strowman

Bruan Strowman, WWE,
Where does Bruan Strowman stand in all of this?

Bruan Strowman is currently the money in the bank briefcase holder and while that does guarantee him a Universal title shot at a time and place of his choosing, one has to wonder if WWE will go through with it if Lesnar gets signed to a new deal. Furthermore, one has to wonder what will happen to Strowman going forward if Lesnar stays in WWE

While one would think that Strowman is a fitting opponent for Lesnar moving forward, Lesnar's deal could give him creative control and eliminate Strowman for the situation entirely. In fact, Lesnar has done this in the past with other WWE deals and very well could again if he has the right leverage when negotiating

In the end, hopefully, Lesnar's new deal won't give him creative control over what happens with Strowman's Money in The Bank Briefcase, but it's not like Lesnar hasn't done this before and isn't willing to do it again. Either way, Strowman is in a very vulnerable position right now and his future will probably depend on the deal Lesnar makes with WWE.

#1 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns,
How will a new deal between WWE and Brock Lesnar affect Roman Reign's future?

If nothing else, Brock Lesnar striking a new deal with WWE would be an absolutely disastrous situation and impede his progress of becoming the company's top guy. Another problem is that a potential deal would likely ruin all the changes WWE has made to Reign's character and render them all meaningless

With that being said, if Reigns doesn't defeat Lesnar at Summerslam in their Universal title match, it's going to make The Big dog look like a complete joke. Unfortunately for Reigns and The WWE Universe, that's exactly what could end up happening if Lesnar is somehow able to get creative control going forward.

Its no secret that Lesnar has used leverage to get some pretty sweet deals out of WWE in the past, which should make it obvious to anyone that it could easily happen again. The question though, is whether WWE is actually willing to do this and if Lesnar actually has the leverage to make a deal like this happen.

In the end, The WWE Universe seems to be reacting more positively to Reigns then ever before, which was what Lesnar used as leverage in previous negotiations. With that in mind, Lesnar is reportedly trying to sell McMahon on the idea of being a dual champion in UFC and WWE, which could be the only thing that McMahon values over Reigns career.

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