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AAA News: Sexy Star teases retirement (again)

Elliott Binks
7.18K   //    10 Sep 2017, 15:10 IST

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Sexy Star's teasing retiring the mask, and not for the first time

What’s the story?

Just two weeks after the controversies of Triplemania 25, Sexy Star is once again back in the limelight, this time amidst suggestions that she could be on the verge of retirement.

The former Lucha Underground champion recently took to Twitter to tease saying goodbye to the Sexy Star character with the following cryptic message (cryptic for its content, not because of the language it was written in):

In case you didn’t know…

At Triplemania 25, Sexy Star successfully defended her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship in Fatal 4-Way action, though she was then stripped of the title shortly after. Though no official reason was given, the vacation of the title followed a controversial incident in the finish to the match, in which Sexy Star locked Rosemary in a legitimate armbar and reportedly popped Rosemary’s arm out of place.

As you’d likely expect, that prompted a widespread backlash from wrestling fans and professionals alike, with Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and Joey Ryan (amongst others) very publicly denouncing Sexy Star’s actions.

The heart of the matter

This isn’t the first time Sexy Star’s flirted with the idea of retirement. Back in July 2016, it was reported that she’d announced she’d be transitioning from lucha libre to professional boxing, only to then come out and say she’d never actually retired and that there’d simply been a “miscommunication.”

With a track record like that, it might be worth taking this news with a pinch of salt. Plus, this latest tease seemed to suggest saying goodbye to the Sexy Star gimmick specifically, and so there’s always a get-out clause in that she could remain in wrestling but without the mask.


Speaking of taking this news with a pinch of salt, the Luchablog Twitter page clearly hasn’t put too much stock in Sexy Star’s announcement, poking fun at her previous about-turn before noting in a blog post that “none of Sexy Star’s words really mean anything.”


Author’s take

It’s difficult to disagree with Luchablog’s take on the situation at this point. Uploading to Twitter a random selfie from the front seat of your car hardly seems like the most official way of announcing your retirement.

It’s probably best to keeps tabs on this situation in the coming days, weeks or even months before we jump to any major conclusions.

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