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Adam Cole hilariously responds to AEW taking a shot at WWE

Rohit Nath
Published Dec 06, 2019
Dec 06, 2019 IST

Adam Cole
Adam Cole

AEW grabbed a few headlines this past week following their episode of Dynamite. If you're not aware, we'll give you context. Britt Baker was seen on NXT grasping her hands together in shock following a risky spot where Adam Cole took a terrible bump.

She was acknowledged as "Adam Cole's girlfriend". Triple H said that it was unintentional and that they didn't mean to put her in a position where she'll get heat.

It turns out that AEW dealt with it by making a small parody out of the situation, showing Britt Baker in the same position. Excalibur took the same shot, saying "That's Adam Cole's girlfriend" and it instantly went viral on social media.

Adam Cole took to social media to hilariously respond to the situation, posting a photo of him with the same hand gesture and declared the start of the #BrittBakerChallenge.

It's good to see Adam Cole taking it as lightly as it should be and not react in a petty manner. A lot of fans were outraged at AEW supposedly trying to take a shot at NXT, but ultimately, it was just a line and light-hearted humor. There's nothing more to it that needs to be said.

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