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Adrian Neville: The next big thing in WWE

Mukund Laddha
4.91K   //    16 May 2014, 21:35 IST

Adrian Neville

Adrian Neville

Adrian Neville became the fourth NXT Champion in the history of the title on the NXT Arrival show.  Since then he has defended his title against the Main Event Player Brodus Clay and is set to take on a new opponent on NXT takeover. He has shown  a lot of talent and such feuds can only enhance his stature.

The former NXT tag team champion has developed considerably and had put up a terrific match with Bo Dallas for the championship. Since his debut he has actually put up some very commendable performances. He has won over the Florida crowd with his work and is going from strength to strength in his career.

The man formerly known as PAC has the potential to be as thrilling a high-flyer as Mysterio. Like Mysterio was in his prime, Neville is inhumanly fast. He springs, flips and flies like few ever have. His brand of wrestling is high-octane athletic entertainment.

His finishing moves as just as interesting. The corkscrew shooting star press he calls “Red Arrow” is one of the most athletic finishing moves that any wrestler has currently in WWE. He has a wealth of agility and routinely lives up to his nickname “The Man Gravity Forgot.” Seeing him in a match is a treat to the eye.

It is the stunning move set that Neville has, which should get him over with fans right away. If WWE wants a high flying superfit star  to main event PPVs and add speed to major matches, it should look to the NXT Champion. He moves so quickly across the ring that it feels surreal. He bounces, spins and soars with much ease and does spots which are admirable to say the least.

His array of moves are more exciting than anything the high-flyers are doing or dare I say have done. He tumbles forward like an artist and reaches unbelievable heights in most of his moves.

Add to those skills a sturdy, muscular build that’s perfect for getting over with the fans and making a name for yourself, and you have a Superstar who should reach success. Neville is built much more compactly as compared to most high fliers. Every inch of his 5’9” frame seems to be packed tight with muscles. This should help keep him tuned fit and should help him prevent major injuries which happen so often to most high fliers like Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd and even Rey Mysterio.

Over the last few years, Neville has also improved his in-ring storytelling ability, merging those fantastic spots with the flow of a match. Moving toward drama and away from just matches which have spots, Neville is starting to find the ideal balance probably. His recent NXT matches with Tyler Breeze, Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn have showcased that growth.

But for all his in-ring talents Adrian Neville has his shortcomings too. As extraordinary his moves in the ring are, his moves out of the ring are equally ordinary to say the least. Neville lacks spark on the microphone. He delivers his lines well. But in the wrestling world where larger-than-life characters reign supreme, he may find it hard to get his footings in the mix.

Moreover other high fliers like Mysterio and Jeff Hardy also had a lot of charisma that worked for them, regardless of their microphone skills. Neville would have to find that charisma. WWE is also yet to find the right character for him. Some of his fellow NXT Wresltlers have proven the importance of having the right character. Alexander Rusev shot up the ranks once he became a barbarian warrior, Windham Rotunda’s career trajectory shifted dramatically once he became Bray Wyatt from Husky Harris.

Even the greatest athletes and amazing wrestlers don’t reach the highest rungs when the crowd doesn’t latch onto their personalities. His size (5’10”, 194 lbs) doesn’t help him, either. Smaller wrestlers have succeeded, but WWE has made its preference known through its actions, giving Ryback more opportunities than Tyson Kidd, for example.

Neville should dazzle in the tag team division which he has shown in NXT. Moreover he can do well in high intensity matches to kick off PPVs. High-flyers come around often, but Neville is a special talent which can really intrigue fans of the WWE.

At the same time Poor booking could really hurt Neville, but finding the ideal path for him will give him the opportunity to have more of a Mysterio-like impact. His magnificence in the ring can obscure his flaws, for the most part.

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