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AEW Full Gear: Shawn Spears vs Joey Janela, winners, video highlights, and analysis

Greg Bush
10 Nov 2019, 08:12 IST

The Chairman vs The Bad Boy
The Chairman vs The Bad Boy

Shawn Spears' incredible mean streak lead him to a match-up with the Bad Boy Joey Janela. On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Janela rushed the ring to save Brandon Cutler from a post-match beatdown. This was a response to Spears taking some pliers to Janela's mouth on AEW Dark.

Now, Janela aimed to end the two-win win streak of Spears and put an end to the Chairman's rampage in AEW.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs Joey Janela

Janela came in hot, sending Spears to the outside to avoid an onslaught of chops. However, Spears was able to take over quick, battering the Bad Boy for a few minutes.

Janela was even tied by his hair to the tag rope in the corner, keeping him trapped for Spears to torture any way he wanted. When he did manage to break free, the Chairman was able to trap him in the Sharpshooter.

Barely managing to get to the ropes, Janela broke the hold. Spears turned to talk to Tully Blanchard, and when he turned around was met by a superkick. A series of elbow forearms hammered Spears, who was then stomped down into the bottom corner. A leaping knee strike sent Spears rolling to the outside.

Spears wasn't able to escape Janela, though, as he was taken down by a rolling senton from the top rope. Back inside the ring, Spears managed to climb up top to stop another dive, sending Janela crashing to the mat with an overhead belly-to-belly. Janela kicked out of a pin at two, then sent Spears outside for a suicide dive.

Inside the ring again, a series of kicks to the chest and back set up a running rear lariat. Spears kicked out at two. As Janela moved to the top once more, Spears rushed him, managing to drape him across the ring post for a disgusting backbreaker. Spears ripped off a turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring while Blanchard distracted the referee.

Spears then rolled outside for a spike piledriver, with Blanchard assisting, while the referee was busy fixing the turnbuckle. Janela was done for at that point, but Spears finished it with a Death Valley Diver in the ring for good measure.


Results: Shawn Spears defeated Joey Janela via pinfall.

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