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AEW Fyter Fest Results (29th June 2019): Winners, Grades, Highlights, Reaction, Video Highlights & Analysis

Soumik Datta
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Michael Nakazawa vs Alex Jebailey (Hardcore Match)

Despite the added stipulation to this match, this contest certainly didn't live up to its expectations in terms of being a hardcore match, given that both men are basically a comedy act.

Nevertheless, credit to the two for putting up a solid outing in what was the final contest of the Pre-Show. Being the amateur, Jebailey certainly did well throughout the match and credit to him for also taking a huge spear from Nakazawa off the ring apron and into a table on the outside.

Nakazawa, meanwhile, took a nasty German Suplex bump on the top of his head but was seemingly okay. Jebailey went ahead and put some lego on the canvas, however, Nakazawa instead managed to reverse the offense and got the win.

Results: Michael Nakazawa def. Alexa Jebailey

Fyter Fest Main Card Results

Prior to the start of the first main card match of the evening, Jon Moxley appeared on the main screen and cut a promo claiming that he is going to show everyone what he's truly capable of.

CIMA vs Christopher Daniels

The match started off in quick fashion only for Daniels to slow down the pace a bit. Being two veterans of the business, both Daniels and CIMA clicked pretty well with each other and the two men certainly had some solid back-and-forth action between each other as well.


Daniels, for one, also came close to winning, as he hit a slam and an STO for a two count as “Fallen Angel” chants broke out. Daniels then hit a suplex on Cima before hitting an Arabian moonsault into a crossface.

CIMA, however, hit Daniels with a hanging backbreaker, powerbomb off the top rope and a Meteora for the victory and started off the show with a solid opening match.

Results: CIMA def. Christopher Daniels

Riho vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Sakazaki

Heading into this match, Nyla Rose completely took advantage of her size, as she slammed around both Riho and Yuka in the early stages of the match. However, the two eventually teamed up in order to take Rose down but the latter was a bit too much to cope up with. Rose eventually hit a double splash for a two count and then followed it up with a double suplex on both.

Yuka, however, fought back into the match and caught Rose with a 619 bringing the fight to her in the process. Rose eventually caught Yuka for a side slam but could only keep the latter down for a two-count. Rose was pretty much dominating the match at this point but Yuka provided enough distractions to slow the former down.

Riho and Yuka both climbed to the top rope to splash Rose, but she caught both competitors, who pulled her down and got another near fall on a double pinfall attempt. Eventually it was Riho who rolled up Rose with a single-leg cradle to pick up a surprise win.

Results: Riho def. Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki