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AEW Late Night Dynamite Results September 22nd, 2020: Winners, Grades and Video Highlights for latest AEW Dynamite

It was a big night for Scorpio Sky
It was a big night for Scorpio Sky
Pratyay Ghosh
Modified 23 Sep 2020

The special Late Night edition of AEW Dynamite followed after the NBA Playoffs. We saw Matt Sydal make his AEW singles debut in the main event against Shawn Spears. We also had Anna Jay face Brandi Rhodes, as well as newcomer Ben Carter taking on former AEW Tag-Team Champion Scorpio Sky.

Ben Carter vs Scorpio Sky kicked off AEW Late Night Dynamite

The first match of AEW Late Night Dynamite saw former AEW Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky, facing Ben Carter.

The match started at a frantic pace as both men traded arm-drags before a staredown across the ring. Sky and Carter locked up again as Scorpio Sky used his power to push Carter back into the corner. Following a clean break, Carter caught a right hand from Sky. 

Scorpio Sky followed it up with uppercuts in the corner. Carter hit back with a dropkick, taking Sky down. Sky caught Ben Carter with a knee-strike and followed it up with a dropkick and then a Russian Leg Sweep. 

Scorpio Sky took control of the match at this stage as he hit Carter with a backbreak immediately followed by a bow and arrow stretch and then an abdominal stretch. 

Scorpio Sky was still in control following the commercial break. With Carter on the apron, Sky went for a vertical suplex. Carter blocked it and hit a boot to the face. Carter quickly capitalized, hitting a reverse DDT followed by a running Shooting Star Press, only getting a nearfall of it.

Carter looked to hit a moonsault out to ringside but landed on his feet after Scorpio Sky dodged it. Sky caught Carter with a knee strike before slamming his head into the ring. He looked to follow it up with a legdrop on the apron but Carter dodged it and hit Sky with a dive over the ropes. Carter quickly climbed to the top rope and nailed his Frog Splash but was still unable to get the three-count.


Scorpio Sky hit back with a neckbreaker but only got a nearfall out of it. He followed it up with the Fisherman Buster but it still wasn't enough to put Carter away. The young Brit went to roll Sky up and nearly had him.

Scorpio Sky did not look happy and caught Carter with a low dropkick followed by a double stomp to the back. He then hit a TKO and that was finally enough to put Ben Carter away.

Scorpio Sky def. Ben Carter

Match rating: A

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Published 23 Sep 2020, 11:36 IST
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