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AEW News: Awesome Kong talks about how being in Netflix's GLOW helped her rediscover her passion for wrestling

Shubham Roy
1.82K   //    10 Oct 2019, 14:37 IST

Awesome Kong
Awesome Kong

All Elite Wrestling are off to a great start after they had a momentous debut of their weekly television show AEW Dynamite on October 2nd on the TNT network. They are clearly the forerunners in the Wednesday Night Wars after having beaten their rivals WWE NXT in viewership and ratings.

Recently, BUILD Series' Matt Forte interviewed a couple of stars from AEW which included the likes of Jon Moxley, inaugural and current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Jungle Boy, Nyla Rose, and Awesome Kong.

Awesome Kong is now famous for portraying the character of a female wrestler in the critically acclaimed comedy series GLOW, a plot which revolves around the fictional characters of a women's professional wrestling promotion set in the 1980s.

Awesome Kong spoke about how acting on the show brought back her love for pro-wrestling which eventually led her to sign with AEW.

On what made Kia Stevens go back to being Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong stepped away from the squared-circle and ventured into Hollywood under her real-life name of Kia Stevens. She told Forte that appearing on a wrestling oriented show made her want to go back to being a pro-wrestler and when she heard that Cody Rhodes was coming up with a new promotion, she immediately wanted to join in.

After being applauded by Forte for her praiseworthy performance in GLOW, Kong was asked by him if she wanted to apply anything that she has learned from working on the sets of the TV show to the wrestling business. The Tenth Wonder Of The World replied:

I mean just things that I learned about being an artist. But, you know the wrestler in me, once you are a wrestler it never sleeps like you know it might go dormant for a while but once the wrestling has you it just, it's gotcha and I don't know like the beast just woke up again. I was like, 'I wanna play, I wanna play with those people. I wanna play again.'

Awesome Kong at AEW thus far

Kong made a surprise debut at AEW's Double or Nothing event where she participated in a Fatal Four-Way match. On AEW's Fight for the Fallen event, she was accompanied to the ring by Brandi Rhodes where she helped Rhodes to defeat Allie by causing outside interference.

After the match came to an end, she proceeded to assault Allie but was stopped by Aja Kong, who ran down the ramp and confonted Awesome Kong. It remains to be seen if a match between the two Kongs will happen sometime in the near future.