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AEW News: ECW Legend felt uncomfortable watching Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley match at Full Gear 

Karan Bedi
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:27 IST

He was a little...cringed by it
He was a little...cringed by it

Several wrestling fans were astonished by the Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega match from Full Gear. Some found it devastating while others believed that it was perhaps the most violent match of the year.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Justin Credible said that he is overjoyed with the existence of AEW. Credible also reacted to the "Lights Out" match between Moxley and Omega by saying he cringed a little bit and felt uncomfortable watching it.

When asked what he thought to be the most cringe-worthy spots, Credible said,

"The glass..some of the barb-wire stuff..even to me...I was know, because I had never done that stuff..even me. You know, I have done some barb wire stuff with Dreamer and Sandman and it worked with Terry Funk but not at that level.
"It shows the passion and giving of it all. Jon Moxley has been waiting 10 years to do that. And Omega is Kenny of the best in the entire world. But it was cringe-worthy. I watched it uncomfortably, not because it freaked me out but because I was like...I didn't want to see anybody hurt themselves."

You can watch the segment in the video below at 20:46

It's always good to get a perspective on such matches from people who were the pioneers of hardcore wrestling.

Published 19 Dec 2019, 19:13 IST
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