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AEW News: Enzo Amore and Joey Janela have history that could have led to concert fight

Nicky Pags
13 Jul 2019, 01:18 IST

Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore

What's the story?

News broke earlier this week that former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, now known as nZo, and current All Elite Wrestling star Joey Janela, were involved in a shoot incident at a Blink-182 concert that ended up in the two stars nearly coming to blows.

Following the incident, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Joey Janela and Enzo Amore actually have history together, which might have led to the most recent altercation in New Jersey.

In case you didn't know...

Following news of the incident between Amore and Janela, the footage was later released offering a closer look at the supposed "fight", and it appears as if the stars almost brawled in a crowd of people after a verbal jousting match took place between the two outspoken pro wrestling personalities.

Amore and Janela got physical in the video, however, Janela claimed on Twitter that he and Enzo did have a terrible fight, adding, "of course the dude didn’t post the rest of the video Lmfaooooo."

The heart of the matter

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, back in April of this year, Joey Janela challenged Enzo Amore to a shoot fight which would have taken place at a Bloodsport event.

Why Janela challenged Enzo to the fight remains unknown, but the idea would have been that the two would train for the fight for six months prior to the bout.

After the shoot fight challenge at Bloodsport failed to take place, as Enzo Amore never answered the challenge laid down by Joey Janela, the "Bad Boy" made an appearance at Starrcast II in Las Vegas.

During the Starrcast appearance, Joey Janela actually prank-called Enzo Amore in front of the live Starrcast audience, to no avail.

What's next?

Joey Janela maintains on Twitter that his recent incident with Enzo Amore at the Blink-182 concert was not a work, claiming, "not a work, So i saw the dude and walked up and said “Hi I’m Joey Janela” at the blink 182 show and we proceeded to have (I’m not lennox lewis) the [expletive] fist fight of the year, I’m not a [expletive] but we had fun!"


Janela also maintains on Twitter that he will not have the chance to wrestle or "fight" Enzo Amore anytime soon, as Janela's exclusive deal with AEW starts in October.

Despite the above claim that the New Jersey Blin-182 incident was not a work, speculation remains, given the history between Enzo and Janela, that the concert altercation was indeed a work and done to drum up controversy and internet chatter.

Do you think the fight was a work or a shoot? Let us know in the comment section!

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