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AEW News: MJF reveals why Cody is a "sociopathic monster"

Pratyay Ghosh
Published Jan 03, 2020
Jan 03, 2020 IST

MJF is one of the fastest rising stars in pro wrestling
MJF is one of the fastest rising stars in pro wrestling

AEW star Maxwell Jacob Freidman aka MJF recently spoke to News Chief and discussed his current feud with Cody. MJF is currently embroiled in a feud with Cody after costing him his title match against Chris Jericho before turning on Cody. On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF laid out his stipulations for him to face Cody at AEW Revolution.

Speaking to News Chief, MJF said that he wanted to expose who Cody really was to fans, calling Cody a "sociopathic monster":

“I want them to boo me for the right reasons. Cody is a sociopathic monster. He’s been on a blood rage since AEW started by trying to make himself the face of AEW. I saved them from a Ghengis Khan, and I gave them a face everybody could love.”

During the interview, MJF also discussed the visceral reactions fans get after seeing him and how he's been attacked by fans in the past:

“If there’s a line that people make, I hop over it as far as I can. No one can tell me how to do my job. I’ve had people jump guardrails, try to stab me, throw (urine) on me, throw batteries. All that means is I’m being myself. The issue isn’t me, it’s everybody else.”
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