AEW World Tag Team Title Match: Lucha Brothers vs Private Party vs SCU, results, video highlights, and analysis

  • The AEW Tag Team Titles match saw SCU defending their belts in an epic three-way match #AEW #FullGear
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It wouldn't surprise anyone if this match stole the show

SoCal Uncensored managed to defeat the Lucha Brothers in the finals of the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament, even with Scorpio Sky filling in for Christopher Daniels. However, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix have always felt that those titles belonged to them.

They were set up for a title bout against SCU at Full Gear, but it was made into a triple threat match, bringing in the winner of the Private Party vs Dark Order match. Private Party were able to pull out the victory, finally getting a shot at gold.

AEW World Tag Team Title Match: Lucha Brothers vs Private Party vs SCU (c)

Mark Quinn started with Frankie Kazarian, as the two matched each other step for step. However, Quinn was tagged out when Rey Fenix caught him near the Lucha Brothers' corner. Fenix took Kazarian down with a rebounding kick in the ropes, following up with a kick to his jaw. Scorpio Sky was dropped with a superkick.

While the referee kept Sky at bay, Private Party rushed the ring, only to be taken out by a pair of super kicks from the Lucha Brothers. As the ref turned around, Fenix was pinning Kazarian after a suplex. Kazarian kicked out, leading to a Hurricanrana/foot wash combination from Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon, now legal, traded stiff clotheslines with the AEW Tag Team Champion, leaving them both down on the ground. Fenix knocked Sky off the apron to prevent the tag, forcing him to instead tag Cassidy.

Cassidy managed to take out both Lucha Brothers, dropping them with a facebuster/leg drop combination. Quinn was in next, with Private Party hitting Pentagon with several tag team maneuvers. Quinn took Pentagon to the top, but he slid out, taking Quinn to his corner for a Doomsday Dropkick.

Fenix distracted the ref while Pentagon knocked SCU off their apron. After a cannonball senton from Fenix, Quinn kicked out at two. Pentagon came in again, and a backstabber nearly secured the victory and a title change. Cassidy and Kazarian rushed in, though, breaking it up.


Kaz sent Cassidy outside, so when Quinn took Pentagon down with a pop-up dropkick, he was forced to choose Scorpio Sky. Sky faced off against a fresh Fenix, the latter of whom was dealt a series of nasty kicks. A springboard cutter and dragon sleeper left Fenix reaching for the ropes. Kaz caught Cassidy with the same, leading to Pentagon breaking up both holds.

Pentagon, Kaz, and Quinn were left standing, with Kazarian bringing Pentagon outside. However, Quinn took them down with a Fosbury Flop. Sky tried to follow up, but a kick to the jaw from Fenix put a stop to that. Cassidy made the dive, though, crashing onto everyone with a corkscrew press.

Finally, Fenix went to the top for a dive as well, leaving everyone but himself down on the outside. Sky rolled back in and was nearly pinned after a rope walking springboard crossbody. Sky took Fenix to SCU's corner, where Fenix was spiked with a leaping DDT from Kazarian. Fenix was tagged out by Quinn.

A stunner/superkick/Shiranui combination set Quinn up for the Shooting Star Press, but Kazarian managed to kick out at two and a half. Kazarian was set up for Gin and Juice, but he held onto the ropes, forcing Quinn to land on his head after a failed Hurricanrana. Sky rolled in, and the SCU Later took out Cassidy for the win.

Results: SCU defeated Private Party via pinfall.

Before the Lucha Brothers could deal too much damage post-match, the lights went dark. As they came back up, a duplicate Pentagon stood in the ring. Pentagon Jr was taken out by an STO, and Fenix was dropped on top of him with the Angels Wings. It was revealed that the fake Pentagon was, in fact, the returning Christopher Daniels.

Published 10 Nov 2019, 08:30 IST
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